Canadian Women's Hockey Team at the World Championships

Host Result Champion
1990 Ottawa, Ontario Gold Canada
1992 Tampere, Finland Gold Canada
1994 Lake Placid, New York Gold Canada
1997 Kitchener, Ontario Gold Canada
1999 Espoo, Finland Gold Canada
2000 Mississauga, Ontario Gold Canada
2001 Minneapolis, Minnesota Gold Canada
2003 Beijing, China (Cancelled due to SARS)
2004 Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Gold Canada
2005 Linkoping/Norrkoping, Sweden Silver United States
2007 Winnipeg/Selkirk, Manitoba Gold Canada
2008 Harbin, China Silver United States
2009 Hameenlinna, Finland Silver United States
2011 Zurich/Winterthur, Switzerland Silver United States
2012 Burlington, Vermont Gold Canada
2013 Ottawa, Ontario Silver United States
2015 Malmo, Sweden Silver United States
2016 Kamloops, British Columbia Silver United States
​2017 ​Plymouth, Michigan ​Silver United States​