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John Rolph

John Rolph, barrister, physician, politician, educator (b at Thornbury, Eng 4 Mar 1793; d at Mitchell, Ont 19 Oct 1870). Educated in England, he practised law and medicine in Upper Canada from 1821, operating medical schools in 1824-25 in St Thomas and from 1832 in York [Toronto].


John Sandfield Macdonald

From 1849 to 1851 he served as Robert BALDWIN's solicitor general for Canada West. When Francis HINCKS became Reform premier, he passed over Sandfield, who, though bitter, accepted election in 1852 as Speaker of the Assembly - a post he filled with great distinction.


John Saunders

John Saunders, judge and politician (b at Virginia Beach, Virginia 1 June 1754; d at Fredericton, NB 24 May 1834). Saunders served with distinction in the Queen's Rangers during the American Revolutionary War, and later studied law in England.


John Sheridan Hogan

John Sheridan Hogan, journalist, politician (b near Dublin, Ire 1815?; d at Toronto 1 Dec 1859). A contributor to numerous newspapers and magazines, including Blackwood's, Hogan founded his own weekly, The United Empire, and in 1855 became editor of Toronto's British Colonist.


John Sopinka (Obituary)

During the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, two Canadians who had become lost on the city’s streets set off in search of a ride. Rounding a corner, they spotted a parked and empty bus, the keys in the ignition.


John Tory

John Tory is a long-time political figure in Ontario. He was elected the 65th mayor of Toronto in 2014.


John Turner

John Napier Turner, PC, CC; sprinter, politician, lawyer, prime minister (born in Richmond, England, 7 June 1929). Turner is best known for his early political service as federal justice minister and finance minister, and for the 1988 free trade election battle with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Turner's 11-week term as prime minister is the second shortest in Canadian history, after Sir Charles Tupper (10 weeks).


John Valentine Clyne

John Valentine Clyne, lawyer, judge, business executive (b at Vancouver 14 Feb 1902; d at Vancouver 22 Aug 1989). After graduating from University of British Columbia and articling in Vancouver and London, England, Clyne was called to the BC Bar in 1927.


John Walpole Willis

John Walpole Willis, judge (b in Eng 4 Jan 1793; d in Worcestershire, Eng 10 Sept 1877). Willis arrived in Upper Canada in 1827 to take office as puisne justice of the court of King's Bench.


John Walter Jones

John Walter Jones, farmer, politician, premier of PEI (b at Pownal, PEI 14 Apr 1878; d at Ottawa 31 Mar 1954). An unsuccessful Progressive candidate in the federal election of 1921, Jones was first elected to the provincial legislature as a Liberal in 1935.


John Watkins

John Benjamin Clark Watkins, diplomat, scholar (born 3 December 1902 in Norval (now Halton Hills), ON; died 12 October 1964 in Montreal, QC). John Watkins was Canadian ambassador to the USSR from 1954 to 1956. In 1955, Watkins organized a historic meeting between Canadian External Affairs Minister Lester B. Pearson and Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union.


John Whitney Pickersgill

John Whitney Pickersgill, public servant, politician, historian (b at Wyecombe, Ont 23 June 1905; d at Ottawa 14 Nov 1997). "Clear it with Jack" was the Ottawa watchword through the KING and ST. LAURENT eras, a testimony to Pickersgill's extraordinary influence.


John Young

John Young, businessman, journalist, politician (b at Falkirk, Scot 1 Sept 1773; d at Halifax 6 Oct 1837). Young had a brilliant career at Glasgow U and wished to study medicine. His father refused further support so he began a career in business.


Jonathan McCully

Jonathan McCully, senator, politician, journalist, lawyer, teacher (born 25 July 1809 in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia; died 2 January 1877 in Halifax, NS).


Jonathan Odell

Jonathan Odell, doctor, clergyman, spy, poet, politician (b at Newark, NJ 25 Sept 1737; d at Fredericton 25 Nov 1818). He was trained in medicine but entered the Church of England ministry.


Joseph A. Ghiz

Ghiz was elected president of the PEI Liberals in 1977 and became their leader in 1981. His inexperience was a factor in the Liberals' unsuccessful bid for power in the 1982 election.