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William Peyton Hubbard

William Peyton Hubbard, politician, inventor, baker, coachman (born 27 January 1842 in Toronto, ON; died 30 April 1935 in Toronto). Hubbard was Toronto’s first Black elected official, serving as alderman (1894–1903, 1913) and controller (1898–1908), and as acting mayor periodically. A democratic reformer, he campaigned to make the city’s powerful Board of Control an elected body. Hubbard was also a leading figure in the push for public ownership of hydroelectric power, contributing to the establishment of the Toronto Hydro-Electric System.


William Price

William Price, entrepreneur (b at Hornsey, Eng 17 Sept 1789; d at Québec C 14 Mar 1867). An enterprising lumber and timber merchant, William Price, "the father of the Saguenay," developed a business empire that extended throughout the Saguenay, St Lawrence and Ottawa river areas.


William Wilkie

William Wilkie, merchant, radical (b at Halifax c 1795; d unknown). The son of a sea captain, Wilkie went into business just as the War of 1812 ended. Peacetime Halifax experienced acute economic dislocation and, provoked by slumping trade and rising taxes, Wilkie turned to protest.