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Gustave Francq

Gustave Francq, typographer, labour leader (b at Brussels, Belgium Mar 1871; d at Montréal 2 Jan 1952). Sometimes considered the father of international unionism in Québec, Francq immigrated to Québec City in 1889 and learned typography.


Sir George Arthur French

Sir George Arthur French, soldier (b at Roscommon, Ire 19 June 1841; d at London, Eng 7 July 1921). A Royal Artillery officer, French established the Canadian Militia gunnery school at Kingston in 1871. As commissioner of the


Edith Margaret Fowke

An avid collector of folk song recordings and a prolific writer on Canadian folk music, Fowke was a founding member of the Canadian Folk Music Society, becoming editor of the Canadian Folk Music Journal in 1973.


Daniel Fowler

Daniel Fowler, painter (b at Champion Hill, Eng 10 Feb 1810; d on Amherst I, Ont 14 Sept 1894). He studied from 1831-34 with painter and lithographer J.D. Harding, then spent a year in Europe sketching and painting.


Joseph-Charles Franchère

Joseph-Charles Franchère, painter, illustrator, church decorator (b at Montréal 4 Mar 1866; d there 12 May 1921). After studies at the Conseil des Arts et Manufactures, at the school run by Abbé Chabert, and a period in the studio of painter-decorator F.-X.-E.


Vernon Clifford Fowke

Vernon Clifford Fowke, economic historian, professor (b at Parry Sound, Ont 5 May 1907; d at San Francisco, Calif 24 Feb 1966). He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1929, and immediately joined the teaching staff.


Clark and NDP Win in BC

Well, perhaps. In fact, the contrasts displayed on election night last week in British Columbia were, for the most part, more apparent than real - as was Clark's claim to be leading the province of 3.8 million down a radically new road.


Jacob Siskind

Jacob (Kohos) Siskind. Critic, broadcaster, b Montreal 9 Jun 1928, d Ottawa 17 Sep 2010. His first piano teachers included Rose Goldblatt and, 1939-44, Alfred La Liberté. At McGill University 1944-9 he studied mathematics, physics, and music.


Sidney Robert Blair

Sidney Robert Blair, Bob, industrialist (b at Trinidad 13 Aug 1929). He rose to national prominence in 1977 when his Alaska Highway pipeline proposal defeated a powerful consortium of large oil and gas companies sponsoring a MACKENZIE VALLEY PIPELINE.


Zara Nelsova

Zara Nelsova, cellist, teacher (b at Winnipeg 23 Dec 1918; d at New York 10 Oct 2002) began playing a converted viola at the age of five with her father, a flutist and graduate of the Petrograd Conservatory.


George Frederick Beurling

He rebelled against service discipline and was released in Oct 1944. Lost in a world without air combat - "It's the only thing I can do well; it's the only thing I ever did I really liked" - he joined the Israeli Air Force in 1948, and died when the aircraft he was ferrying to Palestine crashed.