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Garth Drabinsky (Profile)

Garth Drabinsky needs to be convinced. After years of enduring a chippy relationship with the Canadian media, he is not eager to be interviewed by a journalist who has occasionally failed to cast him in the most flattering light.


Alan Eagleson

Robert Alan Eagleson, lawyer (b at St Catharines, Ont 24 Apr 1933). In 1966, as hockey's first player agent, he negotiated Bobby Orr's first contract with the Boston Bruins, a $70 000 deal that made the 18-year-old rookie the highest-paid player in professional hockey.


George Alexander Drew

In 1948 he entered national politics as party leader, but he failed in 2 elections to mount an effective challenge to the Liberal administration. He resigned as leader 1956 and was appointed Canadian high commissioner to London, England, in 1957 - the last distinction in a noteworthy public career.


J.S. Ewart

John Skirving Ewart, lawyer, publicist (b at Toronto, 11 Aug 1849; d at Ottawa 21 Feb 1933). Educated at Upper Canada College and Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ewart moved to Winnipeg to practise law in 1882. He was counsel for the French-speaking minority in the MANITOBA SCHOOLS dispute, 1890-96.


Crown Attorney

Crown attorneys are agents of either the ATTORNEY GENERAL for Canada or the attorneys general for the provinces and territories, who respectively are the chief legal officers for the federal, provincial and territorial governments.


Frank Scott

Scott returned to Canada in 1923, largely ignorant of his own country. Montréal seemed to him singularly ugly, bereft of the ancient beauty of Europe. Scott settled down to teach at Lower Canada College and to write poetry. In 1924 he enrolled in the McGill law faculty, where H.A.


Frederick Tennyson Congdon

Frederick Tennyson Congdon, lawyer, politician, commissioner of the Yukon Territory, MP (b at Annapolis, NS 16 Nov 1858; d at Ottawa 13 Mar 1932). Although Congdon was a dynamic speaker and shrewd organizer, his tenure as Yukon Commissioner was characterized by corruption and controversy.


George Wheelock Burbidge

George Wheelock Burbidge, lawyer, jurist, author (b at Cornwallis, NS 6 Feb 1847; d at Ottawa 18 Feb 1908). Hard working and dedicated, Burbidge was a complex individual who typified the 19th-century legalist in being fair and a staunch supporter of the rule of law, but uncompromising and elitist.


Gordon Daniel Conant

Gordon Daniel Conant, lawyer, Liberal politician, premier of Ontario (b near Oshawa, Ont 11 Jan 1885; d at Oshawa 2 Jan 1953). From 1937 the capable, faithful attorney general in the Ontario government of Mitchell HEPBURN, he inherited the premiership from his leader in October 1942.


David Cargill McDonald

David Cargill McDonald, lawyer, judge (b 23 May 1932 at Prince Albert, Sask; d 8 Apr 1996 at Edmonton). McDonald was one of Canada's outstanding jurists, combining great intellectual curiosity and devotion to principle with irrepressible energy.


George Henry Murray

George Henry Murray, lawyer, politician, premier of Nova Scotia (b at Grand Narrows, NS 7 June 1861; d at Montréal 6 Jan 1929). Murray's unbroken 27 years in power (1896-1923) is a British Empire and Commonwealth record. Leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party fell to Murray when W.S.


Romeo Saganash

Romeo Saganash, lawyer, politician, advocate for Indigenous rights (born 28 October 1962 in Waswanipi, a Cree community southeast of James Bay in central Quebec). Saganash is Quebec’s first Indigenous Member of Parliament and the province’s first Cree person to receive an undergraduate law degree. He is believed to be the first Indigenous leader in Canada to run for the leadership of a major political party. For the last 20 years, Saganash has represented the Cree at numerous national and international forums concerning Indigenous issues. He spent 23 years helping to negotiate the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples — a resolution that provides a framework to implement treaty rights between First Peoples and Canada and to fulfill other obligations in international agreements. He has spent his life furthering the economic, environmental, legal and constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada, particularly the Cree in the James Bay region.