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Ed Heatley

Ed Heatley posing with an unloaded Bren light machine gun at the Korean front, 1951-1952.

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Grace Rose

Canadian Women's Army Corps' (CWAC) living quarters in Hamilton, Ontario, circa 1944-45.

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Fred Allison

Fred Allison on the grave of his Brother Tommy, Holden Cemetary Holland, 60th Anniversary. Tommy was a Tank Driver and dead at the end of the war.

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Adrien Brisson

Private Brisson (right) pictured with his No. 2 colleague on the Bren Gun, Private Roger Fréchette (center) and an unidentified soldier, circa 1950-1951.

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Brian J. Murphy

11th Army Field Regiment NCO's, Medical Corps Italy. L-R: Corporal Edwards; Joe Dicarlo; Rev. Fields (Batman); Sgt. Jameson. Captain Brian Murphy sits center, 1944.

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Emile Turcot

Emile Turcot is pictured here hugging his mother, while surrounded by his sisters, on the day he returned to Canada after the war, October 28, 1945.