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Women's Suffrage Education Guide and Worksheets

​To mark the centennial of the first achievements of women’s suffrage in Canada, Historica Canada has created this Education Guide.

The purpose of this Guide is to enhance your students’ knowledge and appreciation of women’s suffrage in Canada. The Guide encourages students to deepen their understanding of gender equality and democracy, and to examine issues of identity, equity, activism and justice in historical and contemporary contexts. Several activities in this Guide have accompanying worksheets. Download the Worksheets Package here.

The Guide invites teachers and students to consider suffragists, their campaigns and their opponents as expressions of a diverse range of perspectives on human potential in the 19th and 20th centuries. Women’s suffrage constituted the single greatest expansion in the Canadian electorate and thus in the potential of democracy itself. This is not a side note to our nation’s history. It is central to Canada’s evolution.

Download the Associated Worksheets and Resources