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Cobourg and Peterborough Railway

One of the 2 earliest railway charters granted in Canada, the Cobourg Rail Road Co was incorporated in 1834 to build a railway from Cobourg northward to Peterborough across Rice Lake. The project was shelved until 1846, when it was revived as the Cobourg and Rice Lake Plank Road and Ferry Co. Samuel Gore built his plank road the 17 km to the lake, but it barely survived the first 2 winters.


Compagnie des Indes occidentales

The Compagnie des Indes occidentales, which replaced the COMPAGNIE DES CENT-ASSOCIÉS, was established in May 1664 by Jean-Baptiste Colbert to drive Dutch traders from French colonies in the West Indies and the Americas, and to emulate Dutch and English commercial success.


Compagnie du Nord

Compagnie du Nord (Compagnie de la Baie du Nord), fd 1682 by Canadian merchants, led by Charles Aubert de la Chesnaye, to trade into Hudson Bay by sea.


Company of One Hundred Associates

The Company of New France, or Company of One Hundred Associates (Compagnie des Cent-Associés) as it was more commonly known, was formed in France in 1627. Its purpose was to increase New France’s population while enjoying a monopoly on almost all colonial trade. It took bold steps but suffered many setbacks. The company folded in 1663. It earned little return on its investment, though it helped establish New France as a viable colony.


Company Towns

Company towns, important in Canada's capital formation and industrialization, urban development, and trade-union movement.


Compo Company Ltd.

Compo Company Ltd. First Canadian independent record pressing plant; also the largest of its day. Established in 1918 as a pressing plant at Lachine, near Montreal, by Herbert S.


Continental Bank of Canada

The Continental Bank of Canada, with head offices in Toronto, began operations as a subsidiary of a finance company, IAC Limited (founded in 1925 as Industrial Acceptance Corp Ltd). In 1981 it absorbed IAC and was chartered as a bank.


Corel Corporation

Corel Corporation is a world leader in the development of graphics and multimedia software. Founded in June 1985 by Michael COWPLAND, the company is now Canada's largest software developer and ranks second to Microsoft for application software companies worldwide.


CP Rail Leaves Montreal

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on December 4, 1995. Partner content is not updated.

Ever since the first CP train pulled out of Montreal on June 28, 1886, bound for the new province of British Columbia, Canadian Pacific has played a dominant role in the nation's corporate mythology. And so last week, when CP Ltd.


Cunard Company

The Cunard group became a public company in 1878, adopting the name Cunard Steamship Company Limited. It ultimately absorbed Canadian Northern Steamships Ltd and its competitor, the White Star Line.


DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc.

DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc., formerly Chrysler Canada Ltd, with its head office in WINDSOR, Ontario, is a major manufacturer and distributor of cars and trucks in Canada. The company manufactures cars and minivans for Canadian, US and export markets.


Delmar Music Co.

Delmar Music Co. Montreal music publishing firm listed in city directories from 1908 to 1919, with a known range of copyrights from 1907 to 1919. Some 50 of these are known to exist, ranging from marches, and dances (including ragtime music) to songs.


Dofasco Inc

Dofasco Inc, a Canadian-owned, non-union company, has its principal steel mills and head office in HAMILTON, Ontario. Dofasco is Canada's second largest steel producer. In 1996 Dofasco produced 3.7 million tons of steel and had sales of $2.8 billion, and the company employed about 7000 people.


Doherty Pianos Ltd.

Doherty Pianos Ltd (W. Doherty Piano and Organ Co Ltd 1875-1913). Manufacturing firm founded in 1875 in Clinton, Ont, by William Doherty (b 21 Mar 1841, d Clinton 9 Feb 1924), a furniture dealer and Bell Organ representative. Under the name W.


Dome Petroleum Limited

Dome Petroleum Limited was a Canadian energy company with head offices in Calgary. Started in 1950 as Dome Exploration (Western) Ltd, the company became Dome Petroleum Limited in 1958 and grew by making acquisitions in the energy industry.


Dominion Organ and Piano Co.

Dominion Organ and Piano Co. Instrument manufacturer. Although the date has not been substantiated, the firm was probably founded in 1870 in Oshawa as (A.M.) Darley and (William) Robinson, later called the Oshawa Organ and Melodeon Manufacturing Co.