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David Douglas

David Douglas, botanist (b at Scone near Perth, Scotland 25 July 1799; d in Hawaii 12 July 1834). Douglas became an apprentice gardener at age 11; at 20 he moved to the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow, and at 23 became a collector for the Horticultural Society of London in North America.


David Ernest Hornell

David Ernest Hornell, aviator (b at Lucknow, Ont 26 Jan 1910; d at sea 25 June 1944). He was awarded the VICTORIA CROSS for destroying a German U-boat while under extreme fire, and for fortifying his comrades in the ordeal after their flying boat crashed.


David Laurence Thomson Smith

David Laurence Thomson Smith, veterinarian, teacher (b at Regina 18 Apr 1914; d at Saskatoon 15 Nov 1983). After serving in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps in WWII, he joined the faculty of the Ontario Veterinary College in 1946, and was head of pathology and bacteriology there 1955-63.


David Suzuki

David Takayoshi Suzuki, CC, OBC, geneticist, broadcaster, environmental activist (born 24 March 1936 in Vancouver, BC). A Canadian of Japanese parentage, Suzuki was interned with his family during the Second World War and later became one of Canada’s most popular scientists and media personalities. He is known for his career as a broadcaster (including the CBC TV series The Nature of Things) as well as his work as an environmental activist.


David Suzuki (Profile)

On the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 9, emergency crews raced to the provincial cabinet offices on the Vancouver waterfront after a receptionist's hands were left tingling from a suspicious powder in a piece of mail.


David William Schindler

David William Schindler, scientist, limnologist (b at Barnesville, Minnesota 3 Aug 1940) is an outspoken and brilliant researcher whose vision and dedicated work have resulted in an enormous advancement in the understanding, protection and conservation of Canada's fresh waters.


Dennis Hubert Chitty

Dennis Hubert Chitty, zoologist (born 18 September 1912 in Bristol, England; died 3 February 2010 in Vancouver, BC ). Educated at University of Toronto and Oxford, he studied rodent populations as a research officer at the Bureau of Animal Population, Oxford, 1935-61.


Derek York

Derek York, geophysics professor, science writer (b at Normanton, Yorkshire, Eng 12 Aug 1936; d at Toronto, 9 Aug 2007). A leader in the field of potassium-argon dating of rock, Derek York was a foreign principal investigator for NASA during the Apollo missions to the moon.


Dick Bond

John Richard (Dick) Bond, OC, OOnt, FRS, FRSC, cosmologist (born 15 May 1950 in Toronto, ON). Bond is known for his work in astrophysics and cosmology, especially for his investigations of the early universe. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada has described him as “a Godfather of Canada’s now vibrant internationally recognized theoretical cosmology community.”


Donald Chant

Donald Alfred Chant, scientist, educator, environmental advocate, businessman (b at Toronto 30 Sep 1928; d there 23 Dec 2007).


Donald Frank Stedman

Donald Frank Stedman, scientist (b at Tunbridge Wells, Eng 4 Apr 1900; d at Ottawa 2 May 1967). Primarily a chemist, he was one of the earliest staffers of the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (1930).


Donald James Le Roy

Donald James Le Roy, physical chemist, science adviser (b at Detroit, Mich 5 Mar 1913; d at Ottawa 1 Nov 1985). After gaining his PhD at the University of Toronto (1939), he joined E.W.R.


Donald McKay

Donald McKay, designer and builder of clipper ships (b at Jordan Falls, NS 4 Sept 1810; d at Hamilton, Mass 20 Sept 1880). As a boy he learned the shipbuilder's trade in his father's and uncle's shipyards on the Jordan River.


Donald Olding Hebb

Donald Olding Hebb, psychologist (b at Chester, NS 22 July 1904; d at Halifax, 20 Aug 1985). He was a brilliant pupil who completed grades 1 to 4 in one year and 5 to 6 the next. But school proved too easy, and when he graduated from Dalhousie, his record was undistinguished.


Donna Strickland

Donna Theo Strickland, CC, physicist (born 27 May 1959 in Guelph, ON). Donna Strickland is a pioneering physicist, known for her work on ultrafast lasers. She is currently a professor of physics at the University of Waterloo. She has authored more than 90 publications and has made seminal contributions to the field of laser technology. In 2018, Strickland was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for her work on the development of laser technology.


Dorothea Palmer

Dorothea Ferguson (née Palmer), birth control advocate, social worker (born 1908 in England; died 5 November 1992 in Ottawa, ON). Dorothea Palmer was arrested in 1936 for advertising birth control to women in a working-class neighbourhood in Ottawa. She was cleared of charges after a lengthy trial proved her work had been for the public good. Her acquittal was a major victory for the birth control movement in Canada.