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Yvette Lamontagne

Yvette Lamontagne. Cellist, teacher, b Montreal 26 Dec 1898, d Montreal 18 June 1992. She studied for three years on scholarship with Gustave Labelle at the McGill Conservatory.


Yvonne De Carlo

Yvonne De Carlo, born Margaret Yvonne Middleton, actor (b at Vancouver 1 Sep 1922; d at Los Angeles, Ca 8 Jan 2007). Yvonne De Carlo attended King Edward High School in Vancouver and Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood.


Yvonne Hubert

Yvonne Hubert. Pianist, teacher, b Mouscron, Belgium, 28 May 1895, d Montreal 8 Jun 1988; premier prix piano (Lille Cons) 1906, premier prix piano (Paris Cons) 1911, honorary LLD (Concordia) 1981. She first took lessons at the Lille Cons.


Zeyda Suzuki

Zeyda Suzuki (b Ruga). Pianist, teacher, b Havana, Cuba, 29 May l943. She gave her first concert at 5 for the JM in Cuba and then performed on radio and TV. She studied at the Havana Cons.


Zoë Ada Caldwell

Zoë Ada Caldwell, actor (b at Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia 14 Sept 1933). Caldwell was educated in Melbourne and made her acting debut with the Union Theatre Repertory Company in 1953.


Zoe Whittall

Zoe Whittall, novelist, poet, journalist (b at South Durham, Que 16 Feb 1976). After growing up on a sheep farm in the rural Eastern Townships of Québec, Zoe Whittall moved to Montréal at age 18 to attend Dawson College and begin her writing career.