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Words & Music

Words & Music (formerly Canadian Composer/Compositeur canadien).

Words & Music (formerly Canadian Composer/Compositeur canadien). Periodical published by CAPAC (Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada) 1965-89 and, after CAPAC's merger with PRO Canada, by SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) 1990-3, and by SOCAN, 1994 to present.

Canadian Composer/Compositeur canadien was published monthly (except July and August 1965-89) in Toronto for CAPAC by the Creative Arts Company. Numbering was consecutive, by issue. Publication commenced in May 1965 with Richard Robinow as editor. No editor's name appeared on the masthead, however, until February 1968, when Donald Schrank took the position, holding it until December of that year. Ronald Hambleton succeeded Schrank in 1969, and Richard Flohil succeeded Hambleton in 1970.

The bilingual text publicized the activities of composers, authors, and music publishers affiliated with CAPAC. It covered concert music, pop music, folk music, and other genres. In addition to articles on the members, it printed stories and news on copyright, publishing, recording, and education as they affect the music industry. There were series of articles on Canadian music publishers and Canadian orchestras. Reports on conferences inside and outside Canada were frequent. With issue 87, January 1974, articles on individual CAPAC members began to appear, often in the form of interviews. At times the composers themselves wrote articles expressing their views. Pages devoted to 'CAPAC Members in the News' and lists of new members and new recordings by affiliates were regular features of the periodical. Primarily a promotional vehicle, the magazine was profusely illustrated and avoided technical or critical analysis of compositions. Its last issue, 246, was dated December 1989. Circulation was 13,000.

Canadian Composer/Compositeur canadien was published quarterly by SOCAN 1990-3 as its house organ. The English and French editions were separate and carried some different material. Numbering was consecutive by volume, with the first issue (Spring 1990) designated as vol 1, no 1. The editors were Richard Flohil and, from September 1990, Rick MacMillan, with the format and contents similar to those of CAPAC's magazine (see above) and PRO Canada's Music Scene. English circulation was 27,000 and French 9,500 in 1990. A monthly newsletter, Probe in English and Le Milieu in French, was published by SOCAN from February 1990-3, covering organizational, business, and copyright news. Every third month, Probe was bound into Canadian Composer and Le Milieu into Compositeur canadien. Probe/Le Milieu ceased publication in 1994.

Words & Music/Paroles & Musique, succeeded Canadian Composer/Compositeur canadien in 1994. English and French editions were published 11 times per year, reduced to 10 times per year in 1996, nine in 1999, six in 2000, and four per year since 2001. Circulation in 2004 stood at approximately 25,000 for Words & Music and 9,000 for Paroles & Musique. Editors of Words & Music have been Rick MacMillan, Sandra Shaul, Arlene Stacey, and Jocelyn Laurence, while Colombe Généreux and Anne Richard have served as editors of Paroles & Musique. The magazine continued to feature articles and news on SOCAN members, on copyright matters pertaining to the music industry, and on SOCAN's activities within that industry.