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Serge Fiori

Serge Fiori. Singer-songwriter, guitarist, flutist, pianist, arranger, b Montreal 4 Mar 1952. His father, Georges Fiori, was a dance band leader. He studied 'animation culturelle' at UQAM, then spent six months in Europe where he composed his first songs.

Fiori, Serge

After his return in 1970, he founded Harmonium which was to become one of the most popular groups in Quebec. Fiori made his last tour with the group in 1980.

As early as 1979, he had begun a solo career. After recording Deux cents nuits à l'heure (1978, CBS PFS-90456) with Richard Séguin (a platinum record which won three Felix awards in 1979), he wrote 'Le Mont rouge' with Neil Chotem and accompanied Marie-Claire Séguin on tour. During a two-year stay in California, he completed his musical training, practiced meditation, and familiarized himself with digital recording techniques. He then stopped performing and concentrated more and more on composition and sound manipulation. Referring to the 'new' Fiori, Laurent Saulnier wrote that he 'resembles a scientist more than a singer. He is a researcher in a private laboratory who keeps his findings to himself, only bringing them out into broad daylight when they are ready and finished'. Fiori set up a studio in Longueuil, near Montreal, where he composed music pieces for the humorist Yvon Deschamps, among others. In 1986, he launched his first solo album, Fiori, produced with Paul Boudreau at Polydor (829-494-1); his song 'Folle de nuit' rose to second place on the Radio Activité chart in November of that year. He then wrote the lyrics, the music and also recorded Nanette Workman's album Changement d'adresse and composed the music for several films, including that of André Forcier's Une histoire inventée.

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