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José Evangelista

José Evangelista. Composer, teacher, b Valencia, Spain, 5 Aug 1943; premier prix composition (Valencia Cons) 1967, L SC physics (Valencia) 1967, M MUS composition (Montreal) 1973, D MUS composition (McGill) 1984.

Evangelista, José

José Evangelista. Composer, teacher, b Valencia, Spain, 5 Aug 1943; premier prix composition (Valencia Cons) 1967, L SC physics (Valencia) 1967, M MUS composition (Montreal) 1973, D MUS composition (McGill) 1984. As a student 1960-7 at the University of Valencia he distinguished himself through his work in computer science. At the same time he studied harmony, composition, and orchestration at the Valencia Cons with Vicente Ascencio. After his arrival in Canada in 1969 he studied 1970-3 at the University of Montreal with André Prévost, then 1976-81 at McGill University with Bruce Mather. He also took courses in 1974 and 1984 in contemporary music at Darmstadt. In 1974 in Madrid he won first prize in the Confederación Espanola de Cajas de Ahorros contest for his En guise de fête.

Pursuing his interest in the music of south-east Asia, Evangelista resided in Java and Bali, Indonesia (summers 1976, 1980) and in Burma (summer 1986); he studied the Javanese gamelan and the Burmese piano. He was a founding member of the Événements du neuf and also of Traditions musicales du monde, a society dedicated to promoting non-Western music. In 1972 he began teaching at the University of Montreal, where in 1987 he began to direct the gamelan workshop. He has been composer-in-residence (1986) at the Akademi Musik Indonesia in Yogyakarta, and guest composer at the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt.

In 1982 Evangelista was awarded a special prize from Spain's Ministry of Culture for his work Vision, and in 1988 he won first prize in the choral works competition of St Mary Magdalene's Church in Toronto for his O quam suavis est. Evangelista is a member of the CLComp and the Sociedad general de autores de Espana, and an associate of the Canadian Music Centre.


Miroir fugace. 1975. St orch. Ms

Éléphant dans le noir. 1985. Small orch. Ms

Piano concertant. 1986. Pf, orch. Ms


José Evangelista, 'Une analyse de Madrigal III de Bruce Mather,' CMB, 6, Spring-Summer 1973


Sonatine. 1971. Fl, piano. Ms

Immobilis in mobili. 1977 (rev 1978). 3 winds, 3 strings, 2 piano, percussion. Sala 1985

Carrousel. 1978. 4 (5) ondes M, vibraphone. Ms. RCI 492 (J. Laurendeau)

Motionless Move. 1980. 3 winds, 4 strings, harp, keybd, percussion, 2 synthesizer, elec guitar (rev for orch 1982). Sala 1985

Light and Shade. 1981. 11 perf. Ms

Brisé. 1982. Guit. Ms

Clos de vie. 1983. Pf, harp, harpsichord, elec guitar, banjo, 4 strings, vibraphone. Sala 1986. Centrediscs CMC-2085 (SMCQ)

Duo staccato. 1984 (rev 1985). Vn, piano. Ms

Rondo. 1984. Lute ensemble. Ms

Dans la nuit. 1986. Hp, synthesizer, vibraphone, mar. Ms

Merapi. 1986. 2 winds, 3 strings, harp (piano), vibraphone. Ms. Artifact 0040-CD (ARRAYMUSIC)

Nocturn i Albada. 1986. Guit. Ms

Monody Quartet. 1989. Chamb ensemble. Ms

O Bali. 1989. Chamb ensemble. Ms


Ecos. 1987. Org. Ms

Monodas españolas. 1988. Pf. Ms


Ay, luna. 1981. SATB. Ms

Kotekan. 1983. SATB. Ms

Dum esset rex. 1986. SATB. Ms

O quam suavis est. 1987. SATB. Ms


Un mur à peine. 1972. Sop, 8 perf. Ms

En guise de fête. 1974. Sop, chamber ensemble. Alpuerto 1975. CBS LSP-13224 (P. Vaillancourt)

Monsieur Plume, un homme paisible (H. Michaud). 1974. Sop, violoncello. Ms

Arabesco. 1975. V, violoncello. Alpuerto 1975

Coros tejiendo, voces alternando. 1975. 12 voices (8 voices, 4 clarinet, 4 bells). Alpuerto 1976

Va-et-vient. 1976. Sop, fl, clarinet, elec organ. Alpuerto 1977. RCI 493 (P. Vaillancourt)

Consort. 1977. 3 voices, 2 harp, strings. Ms

Vision. 1982. Mezzo, piano, harp, elec guitar, violoncello, vibraphone. Ms

Also ballet music including Vent d'est (1979), Pentagramme (1980), Rainbow (1981), and Rodolphe (1983); and a monodrama, La Porte (1987) for soprano and percussion.