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Intersections (formerly Canadian University Music Review/ Revue de musique des universités canadiennes).


Intersections (formerly Canadian University Music Review/ Revue de musique des universités canadiennes). This biannual periodical of the Canadian University Music Society began publication as the CAUSM/ACEUM Journal of the Canadian Association of University Schools of Music (Association canadienne des écoles universitaires de musique) with the spring 1971 issue. There were one or two issues per year. With the 1980 issue (published in the fall of 1981), the name Canadian University Music Revue/ Revue de musique des universités canadiennes was adopted, as the parent society changed its name to Canadian University Music Society/Société de musique des universités canadiennes. The periodical has been published biannually since 1988 (with the exception of 1993-6, when it was published annually). In 2005 the journal's name was changed to Intersections: Canadian Journal of Music/ Revue canadienne de musique.

Editorial Staff

From the beginning the journal has presented from five to more than a dozen learned papers in each issue, primarily in the disciplines of music theory, musicology, and ethnomusicology, in addition to editorials, reviews, conference reports, and occasional letters. Editors have been Terence Bailey (1971-2), Yves Chartier (1973-6), Zoltan Roman (1977-8), and Alan Gillmor (1979). With the renaming of the journal in 1980, a policy of English and French co-editors was established, beginning with Alan M. Gillmor and Jean-Jacques Nattiez (1980-5) and Beverley A. Diamond (1986-89) and Marcelle Guertin (1986-93). Alan Lessem took Diamond's place beginning with vol 10 (1990). After Lessem's death Carl Morey became interim English editor in 1991. Morey was replaced as the English editor by Mary Cyr, and Guertin as the French editor by Marc-André Roberge, in 1993. Subsequent editors have included William R. Bowen (English, 1995-7), James A. Deaville (English, 1998-2002), Serge Lacasse (French, 2001-04), Mary S. Woodside (English, 2003-06), François de Médicis (French, beginning in 2005), and Murray Dineen (beginning in 2007). The editorial board has always consisted of members of the society, but contributors have included a few non-Canadians.

Journal Content

Special theme issues have included "Crossing Borders: Interdisciplinary Studies by Canadian Scholars" (1997), "Canadian Perspectives in Ethnomusicology" (1999), "Jean Cocteau: Evangelist of the Avant-Garde" (2001), and "Northern Perspectives on Music and Culture" (2005). Editorial tributes have honoured Claude Vivier (1983), Serge Garant (1986), Alan Lessem (1991), Barbara Pentland, Violet Archer, and Jean Coulthard (2000). Other feature articles have included a "Sociology of Music" conference report (1984), a documentation of the papers of Claude Champagne by Marvin Duchow (four issues, 1973-5), and a special editorial by Murray Dineen entitled "How to Win at SSHRC" (2007).

In 1988 a supplementary Newsletter was begun.