Hawksley Workman

Workman's music has been described as "glam-rock" and "cabaret-pop." His tracks feature soaring melodies and poignant lyrics, and can range from upbeat pop productions to tender folk- and country-influenced ballads.

Workman, Hawksley

 Hawksley Workman (b Ryan Corrigan). Singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, pianist, bassist, producer, b Huntsville, Ont, 4 Mar 1975. Workman has independently written, recorded, and produced most of his own music. Many of his albums have been released on his own label, Isadora Records.

Stylistic Attributes

Workman's music has been described as "glam-rock" and "cabaret-pop." His tracks feature soaring melodies and poignant lyrics, and can range from upbeat pop productions to tender folk- and country-influenced ballads. Workman's theatrical approach to performance is heightened by his distinctive tenor voice and expressive falsetto.

Early Career and Recordings

Workman played piano, drums, guitar, and bass as a child, and began writing and recording original material in his early teens. After high school he relocated to Toronto, where he worked as a studio drummer. His debut album, For Him And The Girls (Isadora Records ISA 65), was released in 1999. Workman attributed the album's eclectic mix of songs to his varied musical influences, among them Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, and Bruce Cockburn. Workman gained a national profile with the release of 2001's (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves (Isadora Records 7502016242), another stylistically diverse album that generated the hit singles "Striptease" and "Jealous of Your Cigarette." The album garnered Workman a 2002 Juno nomination for best alternative album, and Juno awards for best new solo artist and best video ("Jealous of Your Cigarette").

Workman's first major label release, Lover/Fighter (2003, Universal Music Canada 0249861022), received mixed reviews, with critics accusing him of sacrificing his music's eccentricities for commercial success. His 2008 release, Between The Beautifuls (Universal Music Canada 0251750562), primarily featured alternative-country-infused love ballads, and received a nomination for adult alternative album of the year at the 2009 Junos.

Collaborations and Other Projects

Workman has produced albums for Tegan and Sara, Great Big Sea, Sarah Slean, Hey Rosetta!, Serena Ryder, and The Cash Brothers. In 2000 he released the album Chrome Reflection with Jason Collett and Andrew Cash, together known as Bird. Workman published Hawksley Burns for Isadora, a book of fictional love letters, in 2002. He co-wrote the theme song for the CBC television show Republic of Doyle with Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle, and wrote several tracks for the 2010 film Score: A Hockey Musical (Michael McGowan, director).

Selected Discography

Almost A Full Moon. 2001. Isadora Records 4400167872

Before We Were Security Guards. 2004. Isadora Records

Treeful of Starling. 2006. Universal Music Canada 0249851177

Puppy (a boy's truly rough). 2006. Isadora Records

My Little Toothless Beauties. 2006. Isadora Records

Between The B-Sides EP. 2008. Isadora Records

Los Manlicious. 2008. Universal Music Canada 0251750563

Meat. 2010. Isadora Records

Milk. 2010. Isadora Records

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