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Garnet Rogers

Garnet (Lee) Rogers. Folksinger, guitarist, violinist, composer, b Hamilton, Ont, 3 May 1955. He is the brother of Stan Rogers, for whom he served 1973-83 as accompanist (guitar, violin, flute) and arranger. A self-taught and highly proficient instrumentalist, he also backed Willie P. Bennett and Noel Harrison during this period. Following his brother's death, Rogers undertook a successful solo career on the Canadian and US folk club and festival circuit. He has also toured with the noted Scottish singer Archie Fisher.

Rogers' voice, a handsome baritone, is similar to that of his brother. He adopted, however, a less traditional approach to folk music, drawing judiciously on contemporary repertoire and pop instrumentation. His first three solo LPs for his own Snow Goose Songs label (Hannon, Ont) included the work of other Canadian writers (eg, Bennett, Roy Forbes, Connie Kaldor, James Keelaghan, Doug McArthur, Ian Tamblyn) as well as original Rogers instrumental pieces. In 1989 he began to perform his own songs. Several (eg, 'The Lost Ones') were included on his fourth album. Rogers' subsequent albums (six more by 2002) focused mainly on his own compositions. His At A High Window (1994) received a Juno nomination, and he accepted the Helen Verger Award for folk music in 2000. As of 2003 the songwriter had not signed with a major recording label, preferring to remain independent.


Garnet Rogers. 1984. SGS-1111

Off the Map [with Archie Fisher].1986. SGS-1112

The Outside Track. 1986. SGS-1113

Speaking Softly in the Dark. 1988. SGS-1115

Small Victories. 1990. SGS-1117

At a High Window. 1992. SGS-1121 CD

Summer Lightning. 1994.

Night Drive. 1996. SGS-1125

Sparrow's Wing. 1999. SGS-1127 CD

Firefly. 2001. SGS-1129

All That Is: The Songs of Garnet Rogers. 2002. Red House Records RHR CD 160

as Sideman/Producer

Archie Fisher Sunsets I've Galloped Into. 1988. SGS-1114

Doug McArthur Doug McArthur with Garnet Rogers. 1989. SGS-1116

Garnet Rogers appears on all recordings by Stan Rogers as well as LPs by Tim Harrison, Grit Laskin and Raffi.

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