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Allan Fotheringham

Allan Fotheringham (born Murray Allan Scott), columnist, author, humourist (born 31 August 1932 in Hearne, SK; died 19 August 2020 in Toronto, ON). Allan Fotheringham was Canada's best-read political columnist. Combining a vivid comic sense with the instincts of a superb reporter, Fotheringham produced some of the funniest, most penetrating political commentary of his generation.

After graduation from the University of British Columbia in 1954 (where he edited the student newspaper, the Ubyssey), he joined the Vancouver Sun as a sportswriter. In 1959, he began writing a daily column. At first his beat was City Hall, but his acerbic wit was soon directed at larger targets: provincial politicians and their counterparts in Ottawa and Washington. He left the Sun after a dispute with the publisher and joined Southam News Service as Ottawa columnist.

In 1984, Fotheringham became Southam's Washington correspondent, but he continued to comment on the Canadian scene in his widely read column in Maclean's magazine. He is the author of three best-selling books: Malice in Blunderland (1982), Look Ma... No Hands (1983) and Capitol Offences: Dr Foth Meets Uncle Sam (1986). He was also a resident panelist of CBC-TV's Front Page Challenge.

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