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William Peyton Hubbard

William Peyton Hubbard, politician, inventor, baker, coachman (born 27 January 1842 in Toronto, ON; died 30 April 1935 in Toronto). Hubbard was Toronto’s first Black elected official, serving as alderman (1894–1903, 1913) and controller (1898–1908), and as acting mayor periodically. A democratic reformer, he campaigned to make the city’s powerful Board of Control an elected body. Hubbard was also a leading figure in the push for public ownership of hydroelectric power, contributing to the establishment of the Toronto Hydro-Electric System.


William Saunders

William Saunders, druggist, naturalist, agriculturalist (b at Crediton, Eng 16 June 1836; d at London, Ont 13 Sept 1914). Saunders established the Experimental Farms Service (now Research Branch) of the federal Dept of AGRICULTURE.


William Thomas Aikins

William Thomas Aikins, surgeon, educator (b at Toronto Township, Upper Canada 4 June 1827; d at Toronto 25 May 1897). The son of Protestant Irish immigrants, he studied at John ROLPH's Toronto School of Medicine and Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.


William Wakeham

William Wakeham, physician, public servant (b at Québec 30 Nov 1844; d at Gaspé, Qué 20 May 1915). William Wakeham was educated at the School of Military Instruction of Québec and McGill College in Montréal, graduating with a medical degree in 1866.


William Walker Hamilton Gunn

William Walker Hamilton Gunn, ornithologist, ecologist (b at Toronto 18 Mar 1913; d at Lindsay, Ont 15 Oct 1984). His research on bird migration and behaviour has been applied effectively to ecological management and public education.


William Warren Baldwin

William Warren Baldwin, doctor, lawyer, politician (b at Knockmore, Ire 25 Apr 1775; d at Toronto 8 Jan 1844). He arrived in Upper Canada in 1799, eventually settling at York [Toronto]. Urbane, talented and in due course wealthy, Baldwin established a comfortable and distinguished law practice.


Wilson Nichols Stewart

Wilson Nichols Stewart, palaeobotanist, educator (born at Madison, Wisconsin 7 Dec 1917; died at Kootney, BC, 2 Apr 2004). An imaginative and creative scientist, Stewart strongly influenced the field of BOTANY during his tenure at the University of Alberta (U of A).


Yves Wilfred Clermont

Yves Wilfrid Clermont, anatomist (born 14 August 1926 in Montréal, QC; died 10 October 2014 in Montréal). An outstanding teacher of histology, Clermont was best known as a specialist in male reproduction.


Zbigniew Stanislaw Basinski

Zbigniew Stanislaw Basinski, physicist (born 28 April 1928 in Wolkowysk, Poland; died 12 August 1999). Recognized as the doyen of Canadian metal physics, he received the BSc, MA, DPhil and DSci degrees from Oxford, at the same time holding the post of research assistant in the department of metallurgy.