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Former BC Premier Clark Acquitted

It was vintage Glen Clark. Moments before B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett entered Courtroom 55 in Vancouver last week, with his reputation, his finances and possibly his freedom hanging on her verdict, Clark rose from his seat beside his legal team and turned to the overflow audience.


Frank McKenna

Frank Joseph McKenna, PC, OC, ONB, lawyer, politician, businessman, diplomat, premier of New Brunswick 1987–97 (born 19 January 1948 in Apohaqui, NB). McKenna became premier in only the second complete election sweep in Canadian history. Once called the "tiny, perfect premier," his decade in office was marked by a heavy focus on job creation. Despite his popularity in Liberal Party circles, he rejected an opportunity to run for the leadership of the federal party, in favour of corporate directorship.


Frank Miller

Frank Miller, politician, premier of Ontario (b at Toronto 14 May 1927). He graduated from McGill U in chemical engineering in 1949. He was a General Motors dealer in Bracebridge, Ont, and operator of several resorts in the Muskoka area.


Frederick Charles Alderdice

Frederick Charles Alderdice, businessman, politician (b at Belfast, Ire 10 Nov 1872: d at St John's 26 Feb 1936). He was twice prime minister of Newfoundland, August-November 1928 and June 1932-February 1934, and the last person to hold that office before confederation with Canada.


Frederick Peters

Frederick Peters, lawyer, premier of PEI (b at Charlottetown 8 Apr 1852; d at Prince Rupert, BC 29 July 1919). A brother of Arthur PETERS, Frederick was elected to the assembly in 1890 as a Liberal and became premier 22 April 1891, serving until resigning on 27 October 1897.


Gary Filmon

In 1983 Filmon succeeded Sterling LYON as Conservative leader and on 9 May 1988 formed a minority government after defeating the incumbent New Democrats.


Gédéon Ouimet

Gédéon Ouimet, premier of Québec (b at Ste-Rose, Qué, 2 June 1823; d at Saint-Hilaire-de- Dorset, Qué 23 Apr 1905). Conservative premier for 19 months (February 1873 to September 1874), he was forced to resign by financial scandals.


George Alexander Drew

In 1948 he entered national politics as party leader, but he failed in 2 elections to mount an effective challenge to the Liberal administration. He resigned as leader 1956 and was appointed Canadian high commissioner to London, England, in 1957 - the last distinction in a noteworthy public career.


George Anthony Walkem

Associated with Amor DE COSMOS in the Confederation League before BC joined CONFEDERATION, George Walkem became attorney general in De Cosmos's Cabinet and succeeded him as premier on 11 Feb 1874.


George Coles

George Coles, premier of Prince Edward Island (1851–54, 1854–59, 1867–68), distiller, brewer, merchant, farmer (born 20 September 1810 in Prince Edward Island; died 21 August 1875 in Charlottetown Royalty, PE).


George Edwin King

George Edwin King, lawyer, politician, judge, premier of NB 1872-78 (b at Saint John 8 Oct 1839; d at Ottawa 7 May 1901). First elected MLA for Saint John in 1867, he was minister without portfolio in the Confederation Cabinet of A.R. WETMORE.


George Henry Murray

George Henry Murray, lawyer, politician, premier of Nova Scotia (b at Grand Narrows, NS 7 June 1861; d at Montréal 6 Jan 1929). Murray's unbroken 27 years in power (1896-1923) is a British Empire and Commonwealth record. Leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party fell to Murray when W.S.


George Isaac Smith

George Isaac Smith, lawyer, politician, premier of NS (b at Stewiacke, NS 6 Apr 1909; d at Truro, NS 19 Dec 1982). He began his career as a lawyer and served with the army in WWII. He then became politically involved, helping to


George Johnson Clarke

George Johnson Clarke, lawyer, editor, premier of NB (b at St Andrews, NB 10 Oct 1857; d at St Stephen, NB 26 Feb 1917). Editor of the St Croix Courier and a prominent lawyer in St Stephen, Clarke became Speaker of the NB Legislature in 1909.


George Luther Hatheway

George Luther Hatheway, farmer, lumberman, politician, premier of NB (b at Musquash, NB 4 Aug 1813; d at Fredericton 5 July 1872). Elected in 1850 as Reform MLA for York and defeated in 1857, he was re-elected in 1861 and named chief commissioner of public works by S.L. TILLEY.