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Delos Davis

Delos Rogest Davis, KC, teacher and lawyer (born 4 August 1846 in Maryland, died 13 April 1915 in Anderdon Township, ON). Davis was the second Black lawyer in Canada and the first Black person appointed to the King’s Counsel in all of the British Empire.


Edgar Nelson Rhodes

Edgar Nelson Rhodes, lawyer, politician, premier of NS (b at Amherst, NS 5 Jan 1877; d at Ottawa 15 Mar 1942). A distinguished politician, he began his career as a lawyer in Amherst in 1902.


Edmond McMahon

Edmond McMahon. Choirmaster, singer, lawyer, coroner, b Ste-Rose (later Laval), near Montreal, 18 Oct 1852, d Westmount, Montreal, 2 Feb 1942. He was called to the bar in Montreal in 1881, becoming coroner in 1892 and justice of the peace in 1894 of the City of Westmount.


Emmett Matthew Hall

Emmett Matthew Hall, lawyer, judge (b at St-Colomban, Qué 9 Nov 1898; d at Saskatoon 11 Nov 1995). In 1910 Hall moved to Saskatoon with his family. A classmate of John G.


Frank Scott

Scott returned to Canada in 1923, largely ignorant of his own country. Montréal seemed to him singularly ugly, bereft of the ancient beauty of Europe. Scott settled down to teach at Lower Canada College and to write poetry. In 1924 he enrolled in the McGill law faculty, where H.A.


Frederick Peters

Frederick Peters, lawyer, premier of PEI (b at Charlottetown 8 Apr 1852; d at Prince Rupert, BC 29 July 1919). A brother of Arthur PETERS, Frederick was elected to the assembly in 1890 as a Liberal and became premier 22 April 1891, serving until resigning on 27 October 1897.


Frederick Tennyson Congdon

Frederick Tennyson Congdon, lawyer, politician, commissioner of the Yukon Territory, MP (b at Annapolis, NS 16 Nov 1858; d at Ottawa 13 Mar 1932). Although Congdon was a dynamic speaker and shrewd organizer, his tenure as Yukon Commissioner was characterized by corruption and controversy.


Garth Drabinsky (Profile)

Garth Drabinsky needs to be convinced. After years of enduring a chippy relationship with the Canadian media, he is not eager to be interviewed by a journalist who has occasionally failed to cast him in the most flattering light.


George Alexander Drew

In 1948 he entered national politics as party leader, but he failed in 2 elections to mount an effective challenge to the Liberal administration. He resigned as leader 1956 and was appointed Canadian high commissioner to London, England, in 1957 - the last distinction in a noteworthy public career.


George Godwin

George Godwin, writer, satirist, lawyer (b at London, UK, 1 July 1889, died at Hastings, UK, 1974). Godwin spent seven years in Canada, first as a fruit grower, then as an officer in the Canadian army.


George Henry Murray

George Henry Murray, lawyer, politician, premier of Nova Scotia (b at Grand Narrows, NS 7 June 1861; d at Montréal 6 Jan 1929). Murray's unbroken 27 years in power (1896-1923) is a British Empire and Commonwealth record. Leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party fell to Murray when W.S.


George Wheelock Burbidge

George Wheelock Burbidge, lawyer, jurist, author (b at Cornwallis, NS 6 Feb 1847; d at Ottawa 18 Feb 1908). Hard working and dedicated, Burbidge was a complex individual who typified the 19th-century legalist in being fair and a staunch supporter of the rule of law, but uncompromising and elitist.


Gérald-A. Beaudoin

Gérald-A. Beaudoin, professor of law, lawyer, senator (b at Montréal 15 Apr 1929). A leading expert on the Canadian CONSTITUTION and human rights, Beaudoin was educated at the Universities of Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto and did graduate work at several European universities.


Gordon Daniel Conant

Gordon Daniel Conant, lawyer, Liberal politician, premier of Ontario (b near Oshawa, Ont 11 Jan 1885; d at Oshawa 2 Jan 1953). From 1937 the capable, faithful attorney general in the Ontario government of Mitchell HEPBURN, he inherited the premiership from his leader in October 1942.