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Hélène Pedneault

Hélène Pedneault, writer, columnist, journalist, scriptwriter, activist (born 14 April 1952 in Jonquière, QC; died 1 December 2008 in Montréal, QC). Hélène Pedneault was a writer and activist who was deeply involved in causes including environmentalism, feminism and Québec sovereignty.


Henri-Raymond Casgrain

Henri-Raymond Casgrain, historian, literary critic (b at Rivière-Ouelle, Qué, 16 Dec 1831; d at Québec City, 12 Jan 1904). Casgrain was ordained a priest in 1856. After teaching at his former college, Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière, he was named vicar at BEAUPORT and then at Notre-Dame de Québec.


Irene Bird

Irene (May) Bird (b Jocelyn). Pianist, conductor, b Stratford 6 Feb 1915; ATCM 1933, LTCM 1936, LRSM 1937, studied piano with Cora B. Ahrens in Stratford and Mona Bates and Viggo Kihl in Toronto.


Joseph-Israël Tarte

Joseph-Israël Tarte, journalist and politician (born 11 January 1848 in Lanoraie, Canada East; died 18 December 1907 in Montréal, QC). A brilliant, caustic and often impulsive polemicist, Tarte was the owner and editor-in-chief of several newspapers throughout his career, including Le Canadien, L’Événement, La Patrie and the Quebec Daily Mercury, which he used to support various political factions and causes.


Kathleen Coleman

Kathleen Coleman, journalist, war correspondent (born Catherine Ferguson on 20 February 1856 in Castleblakeney, Ireland; died 16 May 1915 in Hamilton, Ontario).


Kathy Reichs (Profile)

Kathy Reichs’s Montreal office looks like a typical government-issue cubicle, except for a few startling differences. Above the usual dun-colored filing cabinets and the nondescript desk, several human and animal skulls sit on shelves along the windowless walls.


Keith Spicer

Keith Spicer, journalist, broadcaster, public servant (b at Toronto 6 Mar 1934). After graduation from U of Toronto (BA 1956, PhD 1962) and the Sorbonne in Paris, Spicer taught at U of Ottawa (1961-66), at U of T (1966-69) and at various other universities.


Kim Thúy

Kim Thúy, CQ, writer (born 18 September 1968 in Saigon, Vietnam). The winner of several prestigious literary awards for her first novel (Ru), this Quebec writer of Vietnamese origin is known for her short and elegant stories. Her novels deal with the migrant experience and the challenges of adapting to a new culture. Written in French, which Thúy calls her “second mother tongue,” they have been translated into 15 languages.


Laurent-Olivier David

Laurent-Olivier David, lawyer, journalist, newspaper owner, writer, politician (born 24 March 1840 in Sault-au-Récollet (Montréal), QC; died 24 August 1926 in Outremont, QC). David was responsible for founding the Monument-National and was the author of a number of biographies of famous Canadians.


Lise Payette

​Lise Payette (née Ouimet), OQ., broadcaster, politician, writer and feminist activist (born 29 August 1931 in Verdun, Québec; died 5 September 2018). A trailblazer in provincial politics, Payette was among the first women to sit in Québec’s National Assembly. Prior to her 1976 election under the Parti Québécois banner, she pursued a successful career as a radio and television host with Radio-Canada. In 1979, she became the first minister of state for the Status of Women and oversaw a major family law reform that would significantly alter the Civil Code.


Louise Penny

Louise Penny, writer (born 1 July 1958 in Toronto, ON). Upon receiving her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic in 1979, Louise Penny began a lengthy career as a radio host and journalist with the CBC.


Lucie Pagé

​Lucie Pagé, Québécoise journalist, director, writer (born 29 November 1961 in Greenwood, Nova Scotia).


Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery, OBE, writer (born 30 November 1874 in Clifton (now New London), PEI; died 24 April 1942 in Toronto, ON). Lucy Maud Montgomery is arguably Canada’s most widely read author. Her first novel, Anne of Green Gables (1908), became an instant best-seller. It has remained in print for more than a century, making the character of Anne Shirley a mythic icon of Canadian culture. Montgomery produced more than 500 short stories, 21 novels, two poetry collections, and numerous journal and essay anthologies. Her body of work has sold an estimated 50 million copies worldwide. Anne of Green Gables alone has been translated into at least 36 languages as well as braille. It has been adapted dozens of times in various mediums. Montgomery was named an Officer of both the Order of the British Empire and the Literary and Artistic Institute of France. She was the first Canadian woman to be made a member of the British Royal Society of Arts and she was declared a Person of National Historic Significance in Canada.


Ludger Duvernay

Ludger Duvernay, newspaperman, editor, printer, politician, Patriote (born 22 January 1799 in Verchères, Lower Canada; died 28 November 1852 in Montréal, Canada East).


Margaret Atwood

Margaret Eleanor Atwood, CC, poet, novelist, critic (born 18 November 1939 in Ottawa, ON). A varied and prolific writer, Margaret Atwood is one of Canada's major contemporary authors.


Maria Campbell

Maria Campbell, O.C., Cree-Métis writer, playwright, filmmaker, scholar, teacher and elder (born 26 April 1940 in Park Valley, SK). Campbell’s memoir Halfbreed (1973) is regarded as a foundational piece of Indigenous literature in Canada for its attention to the discrimination, oppression and poverty that some Métis women (and Indigenous people, in general) experience in Canada. Campbell has authored several other books and plays, and has directed and written scripts for a number of films. As an artist, Campbell has worked with Indigenous youth in community theatre and advocated for the hiring and recognition of Indigenous people in the arts. She has mentored many Indigenous artists during her career.


Marie-Claire Blais

Marie-Claire Blais, C.C., O.C., M.S.R.C., novelist, dramatist and poet (born 5 October 1939 in Quebec City). Among the best known and most studied of Canadian authors, she has close to 50 works to her name. A proud activist in support of the francophonie, she explores violence, rebellion and hate, and other themes through her work.