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Sarah McLachlan

Sarah Ann McLachlan. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, b Halifax, NS, 28 Jan 1968. The daughter of Judy James, McLachlan was raised by her adoptive parents Jack, an American-born marine biologist, and Dorice McLachlan; the family also included two older adopted brothers, Stewart and Ian.


Sass Jordan

Sarah (Sass) Jordan, singer, songwriter, actor (born 23 December 1962 in Birmingham, England). A dynamic singer with a sultry, prototypical blues-rock rasp, Sass Jordan had a string of hit songs and platinum-selling albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Serge Fiori

Serge Fiori. Singer-songwriter, guitarist, flutist, pianist, arranger, b Montreal 4 Mar 1952. His father, Georges Fiori, was a dance band leader. He studied 'animation culturelle' at UQAM, then spent six months in Europe where he composed his first songs.


Shania Twain

Shania Twain (born Eilleen Regina Edwards), aka Eilleen Twain, OC, singer, songwriter, guitarist, (born 28 August 1965 in Windsor, ON).


Shania Twain (Interview)

She's achieved first-name-only superstardom, selling more than 50 million records on the strength of her twangy pop tunes and unabashedly sexy image. On Nov. 19, Shania Twain releases Up!, her first album of new material since 1997's Come On Over.


Shania Twain (Profile)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on March 23, 1998. Partner content is not updated.

They are lining up to meet her in the flesh. Hundreds of broadcasters, delegates to a country radio conference, have gathered for a party at the new Planet Hollywood in Nashville.


Suzie LeBlanc

Suzie LeBlanc. Soprano, teacher, actress, harpsichordist, born Edmunston, NB, 27 Oct 1961; honorary D LL (Mount Allison) 2009, honorary D CL (King’s College University, Halifax) 2008.  Suzie LeBlanc is of Acadian heritage, but grew up listening to and practicing classical music.


The Weeknd

​Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, singer, songwriter (born 16 February 1990 in Scarborough, ON).


Véronique Béliveau

Véronique Béliveau (b Nicole Monique). Singer, actress, b Montreal 24 Jan 1955. She began recording at 17 under the name Véronique and made her first tour in Quebec at 18 with René Simard.


Yolande Dulude

Yolande Dulude. Soprano, born Montreal 12 Jan 1931, died there 18 Aug 2003; lauréat (Basile-Moreau College) 1948. After studying piano for a number of years, she began voice study in 1944.