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Four-Year-Old BC Boy Found After 30 Hours Alone in Wilderness

A four-year-old boy who wandered away from his parents while they were picking berries outside the small BC town of Mackenzie was found after a 30-hour search involving 400 volunteers. The boy was cold and wet but otherwise in good health when he was spotted by a helicopter. Cpl. Madonna Saunderson called his survival and discovery “miraculous… There couldn’t have been a better outcome.”


Wild Berries in Canada

Over 200 species of small, fleshy, wild fruits occur in Canada. Most people consider them all “berries” but, technically, they are classed in different categories. These categories include drupes (e.g. cherries, elderberries), pomes (e.g. saskatoon berries), true berries (e.g. gooseberries, blueberries) and aggregate fruits (e.g. raspberries, strawberries). In this article “berry” is used in its less technical sense. The following are favourite Canadian wild berries.