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Sir William Johnson

Sir William Johnson, merchant, fur trader, colonial official (born ca. 1715 in Smithtown, County Meath, Ireland; died 11 July 1774 in Johnson Hall, near Johnstown, NY).


Sir Henry Mill Pellatt

Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, capitalist (born at Kingston, Canada West 16 Jan 1859; died at Toronto 8 Mar 1939). Pellatt was educated at Upper Canada College and had a distinguished athletic career before joining his father's


Black Fur Traders in Canada

The role of Black people within the history of the fur trade is rarely considered. Black people were rarely in a position to write their own stories, so often those stories went untold. This owes to a complex set of factors including racism and limited access to literacy. Black people are also not the focus of many historical documents. However, historians have identified several Black fur traders working in different roles, and even an entire family of Black fur traders who left their mark on history.