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Parfleche is a container made of rawhide that were used by a variety of Plains Indigenous people. The name was given by the voyageurs and fur traders referring to the shape and durability of the untanned skin.



The peavey is a lever for handling logs It was designed in 1858 and named after its inventor Joseph Peavey, who was a Maine blacksmith. The peavey, which is a refinement of the earlier cant hook, greatly facilitated the down



Snowshoes for winter travel were almost universal among Aboriginal people in Canada outside the Pacific and Arctic coasts.


Sweat Lodge

Sweat lodges are heated, dome-shaped structures used by Indigenous peoples during certain purification rites and as a way to promote healthy living.


Theory and analysis

Theory and analysis. Music theory is concerned principally with the structure of music. Music theorists are engaged in such diverse tasks as the study of analytical and pedagogical technique, 'pure' theory, psychoacoustics, music perception, and the history of theory.



Tipis are cone-shaped dwellings that many Plains Indigenous peoples used to live in until the mid-1800s. Today, tipis retain cultural significance and are sometimes constructed for special functions.