Yvon Dumont, Métis leader, lieutenant-governor of Manitoba (b at St Laurent, Man 1951). The son of a founding member of the Manitoba Métis Federation, Dumont became involved in Indigenous politics at the age of 16. At 21 he was a founding vice-president of the Native Council of Canada (now the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples). A fisherman and contractor in his home town, he continued his political involvement at both the provincial and national levels. In 1984 he was elected president of the MMF and in 1986 was elected president of the National Métis Council. It was in this capacity that he participated, as one of four aboriginal leaders, in the negotiations that led to the Charlottetown Accord (see Charlottetown Accord: Document). On 5 March 1993 he was sworn in as the lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, the first Métis to hold a vice-regal office in Canadian history.