Dansereau, Mireille

 Mireille Dansereau, filmmaker (b at Montréal 19 Sept 1943). Dansereau directed the first dramatic feature film made by a woman in Québec, La Vie rêvée (1972). After studying at Université de Montréal, she obtained an MA in film and TV in London, England, where Compromise (1968) won first prize at the 1969 National Student Film Festival. Returning to Québec she helped form the Association coopérative des productions audio-visuelles, which produced La Vie rêvée. She worked for the NFB, directing 2 feature documentaries, J'me marie, j'me marie pas (1973) and Famille et variations (1977). She returned to the private sector to make L'Arrache-Coeur (1979), a bleak, uncompromising examination of a marriage in crisis, and Le Sourd dans la ville (1987), a dark, disturbing adaptation of Marie-Claire Blais's novel centered on a rooming house full of marginal people.