Helen Irene Battle, zoologist, educator (b at London, Ont 31 Aug 1903; d there 17 Jun 1994). A pioneering Canadian zoologist and much-loved teacher, she was emeritus professor of zoology at the University of Western Ontario from 1972. As one of the first zoologists actively engaged in laboratory (as opposed to field) research in marine biology, she demonstrated that the methods of the histology and physiology laboratories could provide answers to marine problems. Many of her papers are beautifully illustrated with her own ink drawings.

One of the first women to enter a field dominated by men, she campaigned to improve the place of women in universities and encouraged many to take up careers in science. She was selected by the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa as one of 19 outstanding women scientists in Canada and was represented in a travelling exhibit to mark International Women's Year. Many honours have accrued to her. Her first love was her teaching, which spanned some 50 years. Her students have become leaders in Canadian biology and her influence has been felt worldwide.