Maynard, Hannah

 Hannah Maynard, née Hatherly, photographer (b at Bude, Eng 17 Jan 1834; d at Victoria 15 May 1918); Maynard, Richard James, photographer (b at Stratton, Eng 22 Feb 1832; d at Victoria 10 Jan 1907). The Maynards immigrated in 1852 to Bowmanville, Upper Canada, where Richard opened a boot and shoe business. Hannah learned photography, possibly in 1859 when Richard was in British Columbia prospecting for gold. In 1862 they moved to Victoria, where Hannah began her "photographic gallery." Richard, who may have learned photography from her, did a panorama of Victoria harbour in 1864, and a decade later began a 20-year career as a landscape photographer, rivalling Hannah's portrait work. Among Richard's commissions were tours to inspect First Nations villages (1873, 1874), an expedition to the Queen Charlotte Islands [Haida Gwaii] (1884) and a trip to the Pribilof Islands (1892). Hannah's most interesting photographs include experiments in the early 1890s with multiple images of herself and a young grandson, and photosculptures, where people are made to resemble statues or busts.