Croix de Saint Louis

The Ordre royal et militaire de Saint Louis, founded 1693, was the only military order awarded in New France. The insignia, which had to be returned to the king when the owner died, was a golden cross edged with golden fleurs-de-lis, with 8 points enamelled in white. Commanders of the order wore it on a sash and chevaliers wore it on a small red ribbon. To qualify one had to be an officer in the regular army and serve the king of France.

In Canada Louis-Hector de Calliere (1694) was the first to receive the decoration; Louis de Buade de Frontenac received it in 1697. The first Canadian chevalier was Pierre Le Moyne d' Iberville (1699). By 1760 some 145 men had been decorated in Canada. The Croix de Saint Louis rapidly lost its value in France because it was too easily obtained, but in Canada it was rare and therefore retained its value.

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