Carignan-Salières Regiment

Carignan-Salières Regiment, of some 1100 strong, sent from France in June 1665 to curb the devastating attacks of the IROQUOIS on Canadian settlements. By November a chain of forts had been built along the Rivière RICHELIEU, blocking that main invasion route. When peace negotiations proved futile, a foolhardy midwinter expedition was mounted: approximately 600 of the troops and 70 Canadians invaded the Mohawk canton in February 1666. Some of them were ambushed, but no harm was done to the enemy. Some 60 more of the French perished during the retreat to Canada. In September the regiment again invaded the Mohawk country, found the villages deserted, and burned them and the surrounding cornfields. In July 1667 the Iroquois finally came to terms. The regiment was recalled to France in 1668, but some 400 officers and men chose to remain and settle on seigneuries along the Rivière Richelieu, greatly strengthening the colony's defences, military ethos, and economy.