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Brock University

In the late 1950s, there was growing public support for the establishment of a university in the Niagara region, so that young people could obtain a good education locally.


Brandon University

 Brandon U offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in arts, science, education and music. It is currently the home base for the SCOPE (Study of Cultural Adaptations in the Canadian Prairie Ecozone) project.


Canadian Library Association

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) was founded in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1946, and incorporated on 26 November 1947. CLA was a non-profit voluntary organization governed by an elected executive council and advised by over 30 interest groups and committees. After years of diminishing membership, the CLA was dissolved in 2016.


University of Manitoba

In 1900 the university became a teaching institution by an act of the provincial legislature. Thereafter, other colleges also received affiliated status: the Manitoba College of Pharmacy (1902); Manitoba Agricultural College (1906); St Paul's College (Roman Catholic) and Brandon College (1938).


University Rankings 1996: Winners

When Karrie Wolfe arrived at the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO from her home in Kitchener, Ont., in September, she brought more than just top marks, a prestigious National Scholarship and her winter clothes. "Like a lot of people, I arrived with preconceptions about the U of T," says Wolfe.



Linguistics is the study of language. Language accompanies almost all human activities, and is the medium for many of them.


Lakehead University

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ont, was founded in 1965. Its roots date back to 1946 when Lakehead Technical Institute was established. The name was changed to Lakehead College of Arts, Science and Technology in 1956, and in 1957 the city of Port Arthur donated the land for a new college campus.


Khaki University

Khaki University (initially Khaki College), an educational institution set up and managed by the Canadian Army in Britain, 1917-19 and 1945-46. The program was rooted in the study groups of the Canadian YMCA and the chaplain services of the Canadian Army.


Laurentian Thesis

 Laurentian Thesis, an influential theory of economic and national development set forth by several major English Canadian historians from the 1930s through the 1950s.


Legal Education

Because all provinces but Québec inherited the English COMMON LAW, legal education in Canada - training for the practice of law - was in the beginning modelled on that in England. In England, however, the profession was and is divided into 2 mutually exclusive branches - BARRISTERS and SOLICITORS.


Laurentian University

Laurentian University, in Greater Sudbury, Ont, was founded in 1960; instruction is in both French and English. Laurentian University dates from 1913 when the Roman Catholic Collège du Sacré-Coeur was established in Sudbury. In 1957 it became the University of Sudbury.


Manitoba Research Council

The Manitoba Research Council (MRC) was established by an Act of the Manitoba legislature in 1963. In 1971, after a period of inactivity, MRC began to provide technical assistance to industry and small research grants to university and business scientists.


Normal Schools

Normal Schools were first established by provincial departments of education in mid-19th-century British N America as institutions to train teachers for the rapidly expanding tax-supported public education systems of the day.