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Mount Vancouver

Mount Vancouver, elevation 4785 m, situated in the Yukon Territory's St Elias Mountains, rises southeast of Mount Logan between 2 immense glacier systems, Hubbard and Seward.



Foothills, a region of rolling, undulating or hilly terrain lying between an area of plains and a mountain range.


Cascade Mountains

Cascade Mountains, BC, are the north end of largely volcanic mountain ranges extending to California, 180-260 km east of the Pacific Ocean. There are no active volcanoes in BC like the US Cascades' Mount St Helens and others.



Mountains. As an inspiration for Canadian music, mountains have enjoyed limited popularity. Not unexpectedly the mountains most often referred to are the Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia.


Rocky Mountains

Castlelike mountain resorts built on the rail line at Banff and Lake Louise have become all-season recreation centres for Banff National Park's (established 1885) many alpine attractions, which attract 4.5 million visitors annually.


Wood Mountain

Wood Mountain, elev 1000 m, is located about 135 km southwest of Moose Jaw, Sask, near the Forty-Ninth Parallel.


Cassiar Mountains

The Cassiar Mountains extend from the Yukon Territory 440 km southeast to the confluence of the Finlay and Fox rivers in north-central BC. Cassiar is thought to derive from KASKA, the name of a native group whose traditional territory lies in the mountains.


Cypress Hills

Ranching became important in the area after the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived at MAPLE CREEK in 1883. Beginning in 1906, part of the Cypress Hills was protected as a federal forest reserve. RESOURCE RIGHTS were transferred to the provinces in 1930.


Mount Lucania

Lucania, Mount, elevation 5226 m, the third-highest mountain in Canada, is located 29 km east of the Alaska border and 50 km north of Mt LOGAN in the Yukon's St Elias Range. It was named by the duke of Abruzzi, who viewed it from Mount St Elias in 1897.



Nunatak (​Inuktitut, "lonely peak"), is a ​mountain rising above large ice sheets.


Mount St Elias

Mount St Elias, elev 5489 m, the second-highest mountain in Canada, a boundary peak between Alaska and the YT, is located in the St Elias Range, 43 km SW of Mt LOGAN.


Ten Mountains in Canada Named After Women

While the majority of geographic features in Canada are named after men, there are examples from coast to coast of places named for women. These place names reflect the story of Canada and were chosen for a variety of reasons. Some celebrate trailblazers and their accomplishments. Others are named for locals, or the friends and family of the person naming them. They can honour individuals lost during wars and women who made their mark on history. Here are 10 mountains in Canada that bear the names of women.