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Melville Peninsula

The Melville Peninsula is approximately 400 km long and 100 km wide. It is joined to the Canadian mainland by Rae Isthmus, is bounded on its west side by Committee Bay and is separated from BAFFIN ISLAND in the north by Fury and Hecla Strait; it faces FOXE BASIN in the east.


Sechelt Peninsula

The Sechelt Peninsula, approximately 350 km2, is part of a popular cottage area and yachting centre in British Columbia known as the "Sunshine Coast." Isolated from nearby Vancouver, BC, by Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains, its coast is linked by ferries with Vancouver via Horseshoe Bay and with Powell River via Saltery Bay.


Saanich Peninsula

Saanich Peninsula, BC, forms part of the Nanaimo Lowlands, along Vancouver Island's east coast. It extends from Sidney in the north to Victoria in the south, and is 33 km long and averages 4 km in width; 90 per cent of its perimeter is fronted by sea. The dominant geographical features are Mount Newton and Saanich Inlet.


Ungava Peninsula

The Ungava Peninsula is a large peninsula approximately 350 000 km2 in area and washed by the waters of Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay.


Bruce Peninsula

Owen Sound and Colpoys Bay form fjordlike harbours on Georgian Bay. Cape Croker, projecting 10 km into the bay, is an Ojibwa reserve. Adjacent Hope Bay is famous for its sheer limestone cliffs and sandy beach. At Lion's Head a jagged rock formation 51 m high gives the site its name.


Avalon Peninsula

Avalon Peninsula, 9220 km2, is a spreading peninsula thrust out into the rich fishing grounds of the north Atlantic, forming the southeast corner of insular Newfoundland.