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Thomas Fuller

Perhaps more than any other architect, he was responsible for defining the character of federal architecture in Canada.


Roy Daniells

Roy Daniells, professor, poet, critic (b at London, Eng 6 Apr 1902; d at Vancouver 13 Apr 1979). Educated at the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto, Daniells taught for most of his career at UBC, retiring in 1974.


Robertson Davies: A Farewell

All mortals are replaceable, runs the modern mantra, betraying the ethic of programmed obsolescence that has come to dominate our culture. But there are exceptions, and one of them - Robertson Davies - died last week, leaving a gap in the Canadian conscience that can never be filled.


Edith Margaret Fowke

An avid collector of folk song recordings and a prolific writer on Canadian folk music, Fowke was a founding member of the Canadian Folk Music Society, becoming editor of the Canadian Folk Music Journal in 1973.


Daniel Fowler

Daniel Fowler, painter (b at Champion Hill, Eng 10 Feb 1810; d on Amherst I, Ont 14 Sept 1894). He studied from 1831-34 with painter and lithographer J.D. Harding, then spent a year in Europe sketching and painting.


Joseph-Charles Franchère

Joseph-Charles Franchère, painter, illustrator, church decorator (b at Montréal 4 Mar 1866; d there 12 May 1921). After studies at the Conseil des Arts et Manufactures, at the school run by Abbé Chabert, and a period in the studio of painter-decorator F.-X.-E.


Jacob Siskind

Jacob (Kohos) Siskind. Critic, broadcaster, b Montreal 9 Jun 1928, d Ottawa 17 Sep 2010. His first piano teachers included Rose Goldblatt and, 1939-44, Alfred La Liberté. At McGill University 1944-9 he studied mathematics, physics, and music.


Sidney Robert Blair

Sidney Robert Blair, Bob, industrialist (b at Trinidad 13 Aug 1929). He rose to national prominence in 1977 when his Alaska Highway pipeline proposal defeated a powerful consortium of large oil and gas companies sponsoring a MACKENZIE VALLEY PIPELINE.