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Main Forest TypesWorldwide there are 3 main forest types related directly to climatic zones: equatorial- and tropical-region forests, temperate-zone forests, and forests associated with colder climates.

Natural Environment

THIS IS MY medicine cabinet," says Karl Schibli, his ice-blue eyes widening with the excitement of someone about to let a neophyte in on what he already knows. The object of Schibli's focused attention is a red Coleman picnic cooler on a shelf in his barn near Waterford, Ont.


Canadians Split over Cost of Kyoto Accord

Consider it a duel among doomsayers.


Kirkland Lake Eyes Hazardous Waste Plant

BILL ENOUY IS PROUD of his town. Oh, the jolly looking mayor of KIRKLAND LAKE, Ont., knows the main street needs a facelift, and that something should be done about the shortage of family physicians.


Environmental Governance

Environmental governance is a term used to describe how decisions about the ENVIRONMENT are made and who makes such decisions. It is a broad term that includes the formal and informal institutional arrangements for resource and environment decision-making and management.

Maurice 'Rocket' Richard Trophy

In 1999 the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy was added to the NHL's awards for individual excellence.

Environmental and Conservation Movements

The environmental movement seeks to protect the natural world and promote sustainable living.


World Wildlife Fund Canada

Since 1967 WWF-Canada has been working with business, government and the public to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment, and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

New Approaches to Energy Conservation

OK CONSCRIPTS, straighten up. Shoulders back, tummy in, turn down those thermostats. Uncle Jean wants you - and you and you - to reinsulate your homes, to change your driving habits and to think twice before you take the minivan to the corner store for a loaf of bread.


Summer of Environmental Scares

Having a nice summer? It's hard to imagine how: read a newspaper, watch TV, surf the Web, and you soon get the impression that the world is coming to an end. It's enough to make a person want to weep and hide.


Car Fuel Efficiency Toughened

It has been a long time since a Canadian government tried to force the auto industry to improve fuel efficiency. The energy crisis scares of the 1970s were still fresh memories when Pierre Trudeau's Liberals passed the Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption Standards Act in 1982.


Kyoto Accord Opposition Growing

In Alberta political circles, Lorne Taylor is sometimes referred to as the "egghead redneck." It is a mark of the man that Taylor, who is Alberta's environment minister and who holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology, takes more umbrage at the first half of that moniker than the latter.


Endangered Species Protection

Grant Fahlman, 51, has lived his whole life on the farm 25 km southeast of Regina where his family settled when they came from Russia in 1889, and this year was the first in his memory that no burrowing owls raised their broods in his pasture.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accord (Nov97 Updates)

Standing in the back of the room, Louise Comeau didn't even attempt to hide her anger.


Waste Reduction

The "3Rs Hierarchy of Waste Management" encourages people to reduce, reuse and recycle before considering other options for solid waste management. Reduction is at the top of the hierarchy because reducing waste (not creating waste in the first place) is the most efficient way to handle waste.

Friedland's Environmental Problems

"I don't understand. Is this a loaded question?" The line of query had not been terribly abstract.


Hazardous Wastes

Waste may be defined as any substance for which the generator or owner has no further use. Hazardous wastes are waste substances whose disposal in the environment could potentially pose hazards to human health, jeopardize natural or agricultural resources, or interfere with other amenities.

Ducks Unlimited Canada

 Concern over declining waterfowl populations in the early decades of the 20th century reached a crisis during the Prairie drought of the 1930s.

Commission of Conservation

Commission of Conservation, established 1909 to provide Canadian governments with the most up-to-date scientific advice on the CONSERVATION of human and natural resources.


A shanty is a winter lumber camp. The term is derived from the French Canadian word for lumber camp, "chantier."

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Canadian Wildlife Federation, national, nonprofit, nongovernmental conservation organization founded in 1961 and chartered in 1962.


Forestry is the science and practice of caring for forests. Both the meaning and practice of forestry in Canada have evolved over time.


Acoustics is the science of sound. It can be divided into various branches, but the boundaries between the various branches are often ill-defined.

Ozone Layer

The development of the ozone layer is thought to have been a significant factor permitting the evolution of life on Earth. Ozone is the main atmospheric gas that absorbs the biologically damaging part of the sun's ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation), known as UV-B (ultraviolet-biologically active).


Noise denotes unwanted or unmusical sounds, especially those that are random or irregular. The attitude that noise is not conducive to the well-being of sentient creatures is as old as history.