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Centaur Theatre Company

Centaur Theatre began with an annual budget of $120 000, leasing a 220-seat auditorium in the Old Stock Exchange building at 453 St. François-Xavier Street in Old Montréal. In 1974, the company purchased this historic building and spent $1.3 million in renovations designed by architect Victor PRUS.


Broue, Québécois play (1979-2008).

Carbone 14

Carbone 14, a theatre company based in Montréal until its quiet dissolution in 2005, produced a style of physical theatre that was formalistic, imagistic and avant-garde. From the beginning it excited audiences and influenced performance art in Québec.


In Canada there is a theatre tradition associated with the stage. Today, we are exposed to theatre through a variety of broadcast media - radio, television, film, video and Internet - as well as on amateur and professional stages across Canada.

Blyth Festival

Blyth Festival in southwestern Ontario specializes in Canadian plays; plays premiered there have been staged across Canada.

Soulpepper Theatre

Soulpepper Theatre is a repertory theatre company founded in Toronto in 1997. It is considered to be one of Canada’s pre-eminent theatre companies.

One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

For its first six years, One Yellow Rabbit was run as a collective by founding members Gyllian Raby (its artistic director), Michael Green, Blake Brooker, Nigel Scott, Kirk Miles, Jan Stirling, George McFaul and Marianne Moroney.

Native Earth Performing Arts

A Toronto-based touring company performing original Native productions, Native Earth was also created to encourage greater participation by Indigenous people in the performing arts in general.

Ligue nationale d'improvisation

Ligue nationale d'improvisation (LNI) is an improvisational theatresports group devised in Montréal in the 70s whose rules imitate those of hockey, and whose "matches" are fought on a skating rink.

Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre The original Grand Opera House opened amid a strong amateur and professional theatrical tradition on 8 Sept 1881 in the upper floors of the Masonic Temple at London, Ont. At its peak in the 1890s, the 2070-seat Grand was host to 100 companies and 300 performances annually.

Drabinsky Charged

Garth Drabinsky tucked his head down and drove forward into the crush of microphone-waving reporters at a Toronto hotel. When he finally reached the podium, he bit his lower lip and then launched into a dramatic rebuke of a series of U.S.


Drabinsky-Livent Suits

Theatre impresario Garth Drabinsky hailed the April, 1998 arrival of a team of executives led by superagent Michael Ovitz as a blessing. Sure, it meant that Drabinsky and his longtime partner Myron Gottlieb would have to relinquish control of Livent Inc., their Toronto-based live theatre company.


Drabinsky Moves to the Back Row

Garth Drabinsky should be used to it by now. He makes a decision, or launches a new venture, or sees a company under his command overhauled in one of those headline-grabbing power plays that have become as much a Drabinsky trademark as mega-musicals like Show Boat and Ragtime.


The Robert Merritt Theatre Awards (Merritt Awards)

The Merritt Awards, named after theatre educator Robert Merritt, recognize outstanding professional theatre in Nova Scotia and are presented at an annual awards ceremony.

Orpheum Theatre (Vancouver)

Opened in 1927 as a movie theatre palace and vaudeville house, Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre was for many years Canada's largest and most opulent theatre.

La Comédie-Canadienne

La Comédie-Canadienne, flourished 1958-69, was founded by Gratien GÉLINAS in 1957 to foster the production of plays by Canadian authors.

Le Cercle Molière

 "When I think of all the political, cultural, technical and financial obstacles the Cercle Molière has had to overcome, especially at the beginning, I am proud of it, just as is every true Franco-Manitoban.

Charlottetown Summer Festival

 In its first season, under Moore's artistic direction, the festival staged 4 shows and premiered ANNE OF GREEN GABLES the musical, written by Don HARRON, Norman CAMPBELL, and Moore.

Les Amateurs Typographes

Sometime in the late 1830s, members of the Union typographique de Québec founded a theatre company called Les Amateurs Typographes. Under the direction of Aimé-Nicolas dit Napoléon Aubin, the company remained in existence until 1876.

Little Theatre Movement

Little Theatre Movement or la petite scène has now become a generic term for the amateur or nonprofessional "community" theatre in Canada.

Manitoba Theatre Centre

In 1958 the Winnipeg LITTLE THEATRE, a well-established amateur group, and Theatre 77, an ambitious semi-professional company founded by John HIRSCH and Tom HENDRY, amalgamated to form the Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Musical Theatre

The Canadian musical, like Canadian film, has always suffered in the public eye by comparison with its larger, more affluent American counterpart. The American musical, with its emphasis on extravagant production, has been the most successful commercial theatrical form of the 20th century.

Festival Theatre

The term "festival theatre" emerged in England in the nineteenth century to refer to special theatrical performances mounted to celebrate exceptional authors or dates. The festival held in 1864 at Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, to mark the tercentenary of Shakespeare's birth is an early example.

Playwrights Guild of Canada

The Playwrights Guild of Canada had its organizational genesis as part of a week-long meeting held by CANADA COUNCIL theatre officer, David Gardner, in 1971 to discuss the obstacles facing English-Canadian playwrights.