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Canadian Literature

Canadian Literature (founded 1959) was the first quarterly concerned entirely with the discussion of Canadian writing. Published by UBC, it was edited by George WOODCOCK 1959-77.

La Barre du jour

La Barre du jour (BJ), magazine fd 1965 by Nicole BROSSARD, Marcel Saint-Pierre, Roger Soublière and Jan Stafford to stimulate writing and to transform both the production and the reading of literature.

Quebecor Makes Bid for Sun

One unchanging quality of The Toronto Sun is its fondness for chest-thumping. Since the self-styled "little paper that grew" was founded in 1971 by former employees of the defunct Toronto Telegram, it has become one of Canada’s most successful newspapers.


Canadian Business Review

Canadian Business Review, The, established in 1974, was a quarterly published by the Conference Board of Canada from its headquarters in Ottawa. With a circulation of about 8000, it fulfilled the same role in Canada as the board's US magazine, Across the Board, did in that country.

News Agencies

Canadian newspapers and broadcast stations depend heavily on news agencies for a regular supply of news from outside their immediate geographical area. One-third to one-half of news and editorial content comes from news agencies, also called wire services or press associations.


In addition to the million or more such hosts, many millions of computers are directly attached through private local networks (eg, in offices) using various protocols, and untold millions dial into hosts via ordinary telephone lines.

Print Industry

Prior to the printing process of putting impressions on paper, foil, plastic or cloth, there are pre-press procedures such as design, artwork, layout, creation of type or graphics, film and platemaking, and press makeready. In the past all these processes were done by hand or camera.

CanWest's Dominant Newspaper Ownership

When Leonard Asper sits down with his morning papers, he doesn't read them just for the news, or to pick up the latest sports scores. Not any more.


Direct-to-home Satellite Broadcasting

Direct-to-home (DTH) satellite broadcasting is a form of SATELLITE COMMUNICATION which offers consumers significantly more entertainment options than those offered by local cable companies.

Grain Growers' Guide

Grain Growers' Guide, journal published 1908-28 for Prairie grain growers' associations. In 1928 it became the Country Guide, which is still published by the United Grain Growers in Winnipeg. Editors included E.A. PARTRIDGE, Roderick McKenzie and (1911-35) George Chipman.


Journalism has always been conditioned by a series of institutional constraints: the state, the party system, the business imperatives of MEDIA OWNERSHIP, societal changes (such as urbanization, the diffusion of literacy and education), and the impact of technological innovation.

Radio and Television Broadcasting

In a northern land marked by long winters, vast distances and a fragmented population, the communication provided by Canadian radio and TV was, from the very beginning, crucial.

Black Sees Empire Diminished

The plot is like something out of a Mordecai Richler novel. Sharp-eyed, compulsive-smoking Jewish guy from, of all places, small-town Manitoba goes nose to nose with equally sharp-eyed, private-school-educated WASP from Toronto for the big enchilada.


BCE, Thomson Create Media Colossus

Over the past year, Jean Monty has been buying up properties and piling them on top of one another much like a winner at a blackjack table stacks his chips in multicoloured towers. In February, the chairman and chief executive of BCE Inc. dished out $6.8 billion for control of Teleglobe Inc.


iCrave TV Controversy

William Craig's red eyes betray how busy he has been lately. He gets six hours sleep most nights, but says it doesn't help when overseas media phone at 2 a.m. for an interview. Still, all the attention that comes from holding a hot hand as an Internet upstart is unquestionably flattering.


CBC Challenges CRTC Directive

What a difference a word or two of jargon makes. When the top federal broadcast regulator, Françoise Bertrand, was asked last week how she expected the CBC to pay for the raft of new programming demands she is trying to impose, she lapsed into bloated bureaucratese.


BCE Bids for CTV

Watch what I do, not what I say. That, in effect, is how BCE Inc. chief executive Jean Monty explained the latest and boldest step in his campaign to reinvent the Montreal-based telecommunications giant as the dominant provider of Canadian content on the Internet.


Cinar Scandal

As first days at the office go, it was the most bizarre in Peter Moss's career. On March 6, he reported for his first day as president of entertainment for Montreal-based children's TV programmer Cinar Corp. Moss arrived to find "the whole place had been turned upside down," he recalls.


Black Puts Up Newspapers for Sale

No one expected Napoleon to retreat from the steppes of Russia, or Conrad Black to dispossess himself of the newspapers he has spent most of a lifetime acquiring.


Rabinovitch Named New CBC Boss

It was a real eye-opener of a wake-up call - but Bob Rabinovitch isn't complaining. Two weeks ago, the Montreal native and his wife, Cecil, were on vacation in Hawaii when the telephone rang in their hotel room at 3 a.m.


Thomson Sells His Newspapers

It was an empire built upon scratchy radio stations, weekly newspapers and the hardscrabble mentality of Northern Ontario in the midst of the Great Depression. Founder Roy Thomson was like nothing Canada had ever produced.


Newman Loses Co-hosting Job

As the clock wound down on a Good Morning America broadcast last week, co-host Kevin Newman was promoting highlights for the ABC network show the next day. One was an interview with a former host of the program who now anchors occasional specials for ABC.


Random House/Doubleday Merger

David Kent is in a combative mood. Seated at the desk in his book-lined corner office, the 48-year-old president of Random House Canada, a Toronto-based publisher, is taking calls and returning messages from business associates and journalists.