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The Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame

The Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame is a permanent exhibition at the Canada Science and Technology Museum that honours individuals whose outstanding scientific or technological achievements have had long-term implications for Canadians.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria was founded in 1946 and has been in its current location since 1950. At the heart of the gallery complex is the historic Spencer mansion which was built in 1889.

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Art Gallery of Hamilton was founded in 1914 on the occasion of a bequest of paintings from the Estate of William Blair Bruce (1859-1906), and developed through the efforts of two former Directors, T.R. MacDonald (1947-1973) and Glen Cumming (1973-1989).

Robert McLaughlin Gallery

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (formerly the Art Gallery of Oshawa) was established by a group of artists and citizens of Oshawa, Ont, in February 1967.



Archives as RecordsArchives are usually defined as the permanent records.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

First installed in a building on Phillips Square, the museum moved in 1912 to a new building on Sherbrooke St. West. Architects Edward and W.S. Maxwell conceived the plan in neoclassical style, much in vogue at that time. In 1976, a new wing by architect Fred LEBENSOLD was opened.

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

Situated in the heart of MONTRÉAL, The Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal plays an essential role in the presentation of QUÉBEC and international art.

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Since its inception, the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec has promoted the work of the province's most talented artists. With the addition of the Pierre Lassonde Pavilion in 2016, the Musée now has double its original exhibition space.

Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN), designated as a crown corporation in 1990 under the Museums Act, is the national museum of natural history.

Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre is located in the Don Valley, Toronto. It was opened (1969) as one of Ontario's projects for the Canadian Centennial, funded both provincially and with a federal grant.

Public Archives of Canada


Muttart Public Art Gallery

The Muttart Public Art Gallery, a not-for-profit institution established in 1977, is situated on the second floor of CALGARY'S Memorial Park Library occupying space that was renovated with funds provided by the Muttart Foundation.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

The Southern Alberta Art Gallery was given the mandate to present historical and contemporary art of national and international significance to the region of southern Alberta.

Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Major Atlantic Canadian artists represented in the permanent collection include Mary Pratt and Christopher Pratt, Molly Lamb Bobak and Bruno Bobak, Tom Forrestall, Alex Colville, Avery Shaw, Fred Ross, Jack Humphrey and Miller Brittain.

Dalhousie Art Gallery

The Dalhousie Art Galleryis located in the Arts Centre of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Established in 1953 in a one-room area of the Arts and Administration Building on the university campus, it is the oldest public art gallery in Halifax.

The Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery

The university's collection of Canadian art consists of approximately 3000 items. The majority of the collection is composed of modern and contemporary examples in diverse mediums, but with particular emphasis on works on paper. The gallery's exhibition programming is national in scope.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is the only public art gallery in the country that is solely devoted to Canadian art.

Art Gallery of Windsor

The Art Gallery of Windsor began in 1943 in Willistead Manor, where exhibitions borrowed from other galleries and organizations could be displayed. Incorporated in 1944, the gallery soon began building its own collection and presenting exhibitions and education programs.

Art Gallery of Alberta

Hopes of constructing a new building for the gallery's growing collection came to fruition in 1962 when Mrs. A.E. Condell bequeathed funds for a new gallery in the name of her son, Arthur Blow Condell. Architects Donald G. Bittorf and B.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, located in Kingston, Ont, is the legacy of Agnes Richardson Etherington (1880-1954) who left her 19th-century Georgian-style house to Queen's University to be used as a permanent art facility for the community.


Diorama, museum exhibit which creates the illusion of a natural or historic scene. Typically, mounted animals and preserved plants blend imperceptibly into a realistic background painting, simulating a natural habitat (the name habitat group is sometimes used).

National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa has the most distinguished collection of Canadian and European paintings, drawings and photography in the country.

Canadian Centre for Architecture/Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Embracing modern and post-modern elements, the austere limestone building embodies long-standing interests of Lambert: the refined, classical modernism of her first mentor, Mies van der Rohe; Montréal's old greystone architecture and property divisions; and repair of the urban fabric.

Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography

The Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, located in the nation's capital, is Canada's only federal institution devoted solely to the collection, exhibition and promotion of the photographic medium. As such, it is the country's foremost advocate of artistic and documentary photography.

Musée de l'Amérique francophone

Established in 1806 by the Séminaire de Québec, the Musée de l'Amérique francophone is the oldest museum in Canada.