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Historical Boundaries of Canada

The boundaries of Canada — and the provinces and territories within it — have shifted and changed throughout the country’s history.

Betula Lake

Betula Lake, Manitoba, is a freshwater lake and resort area in Whiteshell Provincial Park, 145 km by road northeast of Winnipeg. Opened to cottage development in the 1950s, Betula is a popular swimming, waterskiing and fishing area.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are designed to store, manipulate and display data relating to locations on Earth's surface.

Conception Bay

Conception Bay is one of the principal bays of Newfoundland, formed by 2 north-reaching arms of the Avalon Peninsula.

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

The Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO), located at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, was founded in 1962.

Belcher Islands

Belcher Islands are located in southeastern Hudson Bay, 100 km west of Grande Rivière de la Baleine, Québec. The total land mass of about 13 000 km2 is composed of a group of long, narrow islands, lying northeast/southwest along a very extensive coastline.

US-Canada Wildlife Corridor Proposed

ON ONE OF THE FINAL LEGS of his 3,400-km trek between Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park and Watson Lake, Yukon, Karsten Heuer watched helplessly as his travelling companion and future wife, Leanne Allison, struggled to follow him across the churning, bone-chilling Akie River in the northern B.C.


Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nahanni National Park Reserve (est 1976, 4765.2 km2) is a wilderness of rugged mountains, wild rivers and luxurious hot springs stretched along the South Nahanni River in the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories.

Silver Islet

Silver Islet lies off the tip of Sibley Peninsula, across the harbour from THUNDER BAY , Ont. In 1868 prospectors found nuggets of pure SILVER , and from 1869 to 1884 shafts were sunk deep beneath the rock, which rose only

Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle, a parallel of latitude 66° 32' N; similarly, the Antarctic Circle is the parallel of latitude 66° 32' S. Between these circles the Sun rises and sets daily. North of the Arctic Circle the sun remains above the horizon at midnight at midsummer and never rises at midwinter.

Bay d'Espoir

Bay d'Espoir is a fjordlike arm of Hermitage Bay on Newfoundland's south coast, entered between West Head and Dawson Point, 3 km northwest. More than 50 km from mouth to head, ice-free Bay d'Espoir (French for "hope") has sheer cliffs and steep-sided hills rising 180 to 300 m.

Boothia Peninsula

The Boothia Peninsula, 32 300 km2, the northernmost tip of mainland North America, juts some 250 km north into the Arctic Archipelago, separated from Somerset Island by Bellot Strait, which is a mere 2 km wide.

Chesterfield Inlet

Chesterfield Inlet is a narrow, fiordlike arm of the northwest coast of Hudson Bay that stretches 160 km inland to the Thelon River.

Chignecto Bay

Chignecto Bay, northeastern arm of the Bay of Fundy. The name comes from the Indigenous word sigunikt, usually said to mean "foot cloth," perhaps from a Mi'kmaq legend. The area around present-day Sackville, NB, was first settled by Acadians in 1671 and by Yorkshire Methodists about 100 years later.


Data collected in the field are considerably refined and condensed. Only a representative set including all critical information, such as the least depth over shoals, appears on the published chart. Typically, there is a scale reduction of 2-4 times from the field document to the chart.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise, 2.4 km long, elevation 1731 m, is located in Banff National Park in southwestern Alberta. Lake Louise's outlet is a creek flowing into the Bow River.

Qu'Appelle River

The Qu'Appelle River, 430 km long, rises in Lake Diefenbaker and meanders generally east across southern Saskatchewan, joining the Assiniboine River just east of the Manitoba border.

Ivvavik National Park

Initially known as Northern Yukon National Park, it was given an Inuvialuit name in 1992. Ivvavik means "place of giving birth and raising young" in reference to the Porcupine Caribou herd that has its calving grounds along the Beaufort Sea coast.

White Pass

White Pass, elevation 888 m, sits on the Alaska-BC boundary, approximately 125 km south of Whitehorse, YT. In 1887 the federal government sent William OGILVIE to survey the 141st meridian national boundary where it crosses the Yukon River; members of his party found the pass.

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Georgian Bay Islands National Park (established 1929, 12.7 km2) comprises 59 islands located off the southeast coast of Georgian Bay.

Valdes Island

Valdes Island is one of a range of islands on the outer edge of the Gulf Islands in the Str of Georgia, off the SE coast of Vancouver I, BC. The long, narrow island is heavily wooded and has a few farms. A reserve occupies a third of it and there are several Indigenous burial grounds.

Georges Bank

Georges Bank is a large submarine bank (250 km by 150 km) at the edge of the Atlantic continental shelf between Cape Cod and Nova Scotia. Typical water depths are 50-80 m, but in some areas the water shoals to 10 m and less.

Algonquin Provincial Park

The oldest provincial park in Ontario and the first provincial park in Canada, Algonquin Provincial Park (established 27 May 1893, 7723 km2) is located 250 km north of Toronto.

Anderson River

Anderson River, 692 km long, originates in a group of lakes north of Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories and meanders north and west to empty into Liverpool Bay, an arm of the Beaufort Sea, just east of the Mackenzie Delta.

Saguenay River

The Saguenay River, 698 km long to the head of the Péribonca River, issues from lac Saint-Jean in the Laurentian Highlands of Québec.