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E.K. Brown

Edward Killoran Brown, professor, critic (b at Toronto 15 Aug 1905; d at Chicago, Ill 24 Apr 1951). E.K. Brown was educated at University of Toronto and University of Paris, and he taught at University of Toronto, University of Manitoba, Cornell and University of Chicago.

E.L.M. Burns

Eedson Louis Millard Burns, soldier, diplomat, author (b at Westmount, Qué 17 June 1897; d at Manotick, Ont 13 Sept 1985). After graduating from RMC in 1915, Burns fought on the Western Front with the Royal Canadian Engineers from 1916 to 1918.

Earl Kraul

Earl Riedar Kraul, dancer and teacher (b at London, Ont 5 Mar 1929; d at Vancouver 23 Dec 1999).

Earle Birney

Alfred Earle Birney, poet (b at Calgary 13 May 1904; d at Toronto, Ont 3 Sept 1995). Beginning with David and Other Poems (1942), Birney's poetry consistently explored the resources of language with passionate and playful curiosity.

Earle Moss

Earle (Roderick) Moss. Teacher, pianist, b Toronto 11 Apr 1921, d 19 Mar 2003; LTCM 1944. He studied piano at the TCM with his father, Cyril, and (after a brief career as a bank manager) with Ernest Seitz and Bela Böszörmenyi-Nagy, and theory with Healey Willan and Charles Peaker.

Earle Willard McHenry

Earle Willard McHenry, "Mac," professor, scientist, author (b at Streetsville, Ont 25 Jan 1899; d at Toronto 20 Dec 1961).

Early-Childhood Education

Early-childhood education embraces a variety of group care and education programs for young children and parents.

George Elliott Clarke

George Elliott Clarke, poet, anthologist (b at Windsor Plains, NS 12 Feb 1960). George Elliott Clarke was born near Windsor Plains, a black Loyalist community, and grew up in Halifax. He earned a BA at the University of Waterloo, an MA at Dalhousie, and a PhD at Queen's University.

Mary Ann Shadd

Mary Ann Camberton Shadd Cary, educator, publisher, abolitionist (born 9 October 1823 in Wilmington, Delaware; died 5 June 1893 in Washington, DC).


Lillian Allen

Lillian Allen, poet, vocalist, lyricist, community activist, teacher (born 5 April 1951 in Kingston, Jamaica).

Lincoln Alexander

Lincoln MacCauley Alexander, CC, QC, OOnt, lawyer, parliamentarian, public servant, lieutenant-governor of Ontario (born 21 January 1922 in Toronto, ON; died 19 October 2012 in Hamilton, ON). Alexander was the first Black Canadian Member of Parliament, cabinet minister and lieutenant-governor (Ontario).

Mayann Elizabeth Francis

Upon her return to Canada, she worked in a variety of senior public service positions including director and chief executive officer of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission (1999-2006) and provincial ombudsman (2000-03), the first woman to hold that position.

Donald H. Oliver

Donald H. Oliver, lawyer, businessman, senator (b at Wolfville, NS 16 Nov 1938). In 1990, Donald Oliver became Canada's first African-Canadian senator when he was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Brian MULRONEY on 7 Sept 1990.

Alfred Schmitz Shadd

Alfred Schmitz Shadd, educator, physician, farmer, politician, pharmacist, editor, civic leader (born 1870 in Raleigh Township, Kent County, ON; died 1915 in Winnipeg, MB).

Daniel Grafton Hill

Daniel Grafton Hill, OC, O Ont, human rights specialist, historian, public servant (born 23 November 1923 in Independence, Missouri; died 26 June 2003 in Toronto, ON).

William Kaye Lamb

William Kaye Lamb, librarian, author, archivist (born at New Westminster, BC 11 May 1904; died at Vancouver, 24 Aug 1999). Educated at UBC (BA, 1927, MA, 1930), the Sorbonne and London School of Economics (PhD, 1933), Lamb served as provincial librarian and archivist in BC 1934-1940.

Father David William Bauer

Father David William Bauer, BASILIAN priest, educator, hockey coach (b at Kitchener, Ont 10 Nov 1925; d at Goderich, Ont 9 Nov 1988). Father Bauer came from a large hockey-loving family.

Arnold Walter

Arnold Maria Walter, OC, musicologist, educator, administrator (born 30 August 1902 in Hannsdorf (Hanušovice), Moravia; died 6 October 1973 in Toronto, ON).

Sheila Watson

Sheila Watson, née Doherty, novelist, critic, teacher (b at New Westminster, BC 24 Oct 1909; d at Nanaimo 1 Feb 1998). Publication of Watson's novel The Double Hoook (1959) marks the start of contemporary writing in Canada.

Pierre Berton

Pierre Berton, journalist, historian, media personality (b at Whitehorse, YT 12 July 1920; d at Toronto, Ont 30 Nov 2004). Berton was among Canada's best-known writers and was particularly well regarded as a serious popularizer of Canadian history.


Agnes Maule Machar

Agnes Maule Machar, novelist, poet, historian (b at Kingston, Ont 23 Jan 1837; d there 24 Jan 1927). An important reformist and literary figure in Victorian Canada, she was a prolific writer who published poetry, several novels and volumes of history and biography.

Bharati Mukherjee

Bharati Mukherjee, novelist, short-story writer (born 27 July 1940 in Calcutta, India; died 28 January 2017 in New York, NY).

Frederick Philip Grove

Frederick Philip Grove, author, teacher, translator (b Felix Paul Berthold Friedrich Greve at Randomno, Germany 2 Feb 1879; d at Simcoe, Ont 19 Aug 1948).

Donald Creighton

Donald Grant Creighton, historian (b at Toronto 15 July 1902; d at Brooklin, Ont 19 Dec 1979).

Northrop Frye

Herman Northrop Frye, literary critic, university professor, editor (b at Sherbrooke, Qué 14 Jul 1912; d at Toronto 23 Jan 1991).