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Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping, actor, director, producer (born at Rochford, Essex, UK 28 Aug 1965). Amanda Tapping moved to Ontario with her family as a young child. She excelled in the sciences and performing arts while in grade school and graduated from the North Toronto Collegiate Institute in 1984.

Bonnie Sherr Klein

Bonnie Sherr Klein, director, producer, author, motivational speaker, disability rights activist (b at Philadelphia, Penn 1 April 1941).

Chris Landreth

Christopher Landreth, animator, writer, producer (b at Hartford, CT 4 Aug 1961). Chris Landreth, Canada's most talented computer-animation artist, received a Master's degree in theoretical and applied mechanics from the University of Illinois (1986).

Daniel Petrie

Daniel Petrie, director, writer, producer, actor, (b at Glace Bay, NS 26 Nov 1920; d at Los Angeles 22 Aug 2004). Daniel Petrie achieved a Bachelor of Arts in communications at Nova Scotia's St Francis Xavier University before completing a masters in adult education at Columbia.

Dave Broadfoot

Dave Broadfoot, humorist, writer, performer, producer, director (born 5 December 1925 in Vancouver, BC; died 1 November 2016). Dave Broadfoot is an internationally known comedian who has probably provoked more laughter from Canadians than any performing artist in English Canada.

Rock Demers

Rock Demers, producer (b at Sainte Cécile-de-Levard, Qué 11 Dec 1933). After studying education and audiovisual techniques, he began to work in the film industry in 1960, first in the area of distribution and second for Montréal's International Festival of Film, which he managed from 1962 to 1967.

Franz Kraemer

Franz Kraemer. TV and radio producer, administrator, b Vienna 1 Jun 1914, naturalized Canadian 1947, d Toronto 27 Aug 1999. His musical training included private studies in composition with Berg 1932-5 and orchestration under Hermann Scherchen in 1938.

Denise Robert

Denise Robert, producer (born 1954 in Ottawa, ON). One of Québec’s most prominent film producers, Denise Robert has been behind some of the most important and successful Québec films of the past 25 years, from Robert Lepage’s art house hit Le Confessionnal (1995) to Émile Gaudreault’s blockbuster De père en flic (2009), the highest-grossing French Canadian film to date.

Richard Rose

​Richard Rose, theatre director, producer (born 18 January 1955 in Maracaibo, Venezuela). Richard Rose is a highly versatile director who has been responsible for many of the most memorable theatrical productions in Canada over the last three decades.

Clement Virgo

Clement Virgo, director, producer, writer (b at Montego Bay, Jamaica 1 June 1966). Clement Virgo came with his family to Canada in 1977 and attended West Preparatory Public School in north Toronto before the family moved to Regent Park, the city's largest public-housing estate, known for its troubles with drugs and crime.

Jennifer Hodge de Silva

Jennifer Hodge de Silva, née Hodge, documentary filmmaker (born 28 January 1951 in Montréal, QC; died 5 May 1989 in Montréal).

Jean-Marc Vallée

Jean-Marc Vallée, director, screenwriter, editor, producer (born 9 March 1963 in Montréal, QC). Québécois filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée is a skillful craftsman with a knack for slick sentimentality and dramatic intensity. He is renowned for his ability to draw authentic, heartfelt performances from actors, and is best known for films about lost or damaged souls trying to find or heal themselves, such as the multiple-Genie Award-winning coming-of-age saga C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) — widely considered one of the best Canadian films ever made — and the Hollywood dramas Dallas Buyers Club (2013), Wild (2014) and Demolition (2015). One of Canada’s most honoured filmmakers, Vallée has won multiple Genie Awards and Prix Iris, a Governor General’s Performing Arts Award and numerous international accolades.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith, actor, writer, producer, comic (b at Toronto 24 Dec 1945). Blessed with a quick wit, a creative mind and an optimistic determination, the irrepressible Steve Smith is a journeyman entertainer who created one of the most enduring characters in Canadian television history.

Ken Finkleman

Ken Finkleman, screenwriter, director, actor, producer (born 1946 in Winnipeg, Manitoba).

Brent Butt

Brent Butt, comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer (born at Tisdale, Sask 3 Aug 1966). Brent Butt has parlayed his amiable brand of "coffee shop" humour into a career as a bona fide television star and one of Canada's most successful and recognizable comedians.

Rosemary Dunsmore

Rosemary Dunsmore, actor, director (born 13 July 1952 in Edmonton, Alberta). An accomplished actor, director and theatre instructor, Rosemary Dunsmore has enjoyed a long and successful career in Canada, the US and Europe.

Erica Durance

Erica Durance, actor, producer (born 21 June 1978 in Calgary, Alberta). An actress of French Canadian descent who merges urban sophistication with wholesome approachability, Erica Durance was raised on a turkey farm in Three Hills, Alberta by her truck driver father and librarian mother.

Denise Donlon

Denise Anne Donlon, CM, music company executive, broadcast program director, producer, host, (born 22 February 1956 in Toronto, ON). Denise Donlon is one of Canada’s most innovative broadcasters and respected corporate leaders.

Sturla Gunnarsson

Sturla Gunnarsson, director, producer, writer (born 30 August 1951 in Reykjavik, Iceland).

Patricia Rozema (Profile)

Rozema launched her career as a writer-director by making one of the most astounding first impressions in the history of Canadian cinema.

Phillip Borsos (Obituary)

Perhaps more than anyone, Borsos incarnated the dreams and frustrations of what it means to make movies in Canada. He stubbornly refused to accept the limitations imposed on him, both financial and artistic. He did not want to make narrow little Canadian films.

Des McAnuff (Profile)

A quarter-century later, the rock fan and the rock star are partners. As director and co-writer of Tommy the musical, McAnuff helped Townshend resurrect his opus - a pinball portrait of the artist as a young autistic - on the Broadway stage.

Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley, OC, actor, director, writer, producer (born 8 January 1979 in Toronto, ON). One of Canada's most talented and well-known actors, Sarah Polley is also an acclaimed director and a committed political activist.

Ève Cournoyer

​Ève Cournoyer, author, composer, interpreter and sound technician (born 15 May 1969 in QC; died 12 August 2012 in Montréal, QC).

Michel Brault

Michel Brault, OQ, cinematographer, director, producer, writer (born 25 June 1928 in Montréal, QC; died 21 September 2013 in Toronto, ON).