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Mary Pickford

The highest paid actress of her era, and one of the most glamorous, Mary Pickford was a pioneering figure of early cinema.

Alison Pill

Alison Courtney Pill, actor (born 27 November 1985 in Toronto, ON). Alison Pill is a versatile character actor who shifts seamlessly between comedy and drama, and has acted extensively in theatre, film and television.

Erica Durance

Erica Durance, actor, producer (born 21 June 1978 in Calgary, Alberta). An actress of French Canadian descent who merges urban sophistication with wholesome approachability, Erica Durance was raised on a turkey farm in Three Hills, Alberta by her truck driver father and librarian mother.

Denise Donlon

Denise Anne Donlon, CM, music company executive, broadcast program director, producer, host, (born 22 February 1956 in Toronto, ON). Denise Donlon is one of Canada’s most innovative broadcasters and respected corporate leaders.

Clémence DesRochers

Clémence DesRochers. Monologuist, comedian, singer-songwriter, actress, broadcaster, artist, b Sherbrooke, Que, 23 Nov 1933; honorary doctorate (Sherbrooke) 1994.

Sandra Oh

Sandra Miju Oh, actor, producer (born 20 July 1971 in Nepean, ON).

Denise Morelle

Denise Morelle, actress (born 3 December 1926 in Montréal, QC; died 17 July 1984 in Montreal, QC).

Megan Follows

Megan Elizabeth Laura Diana Follows, actor (b at Toronto 14 March 1968). Megan Follows began acting as a toddler, sharing the stage with her parents and siblings.

Ellen Page

Ellen Philpotts-Page, actor, activist, producer (born 21 February 1987 in Halifax, NS).

Rachel McAdams (Profile)

"THE HAMMER terrifies me," says Rachel McAdams, referring to a powerful overhead Frisbee throw and not the tool.


Rachel McAdams

Rachel Anne McAdams, actor (born 17 November 1978 in London,ON). Perhaps best known as a leading lady in such Hollywood romances as The Notebook (2004), The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) and The Vow (2012), Rachel McAdams has developed a reputation for what the New York Times calls “her winsome manner, her serious acting chops and a no-diva approach to her work.” After graduating with a BFA from York University in 2001, McAdams made a meteoric rise to stardom, going from a Gemini Award-winning role in the Canadian TV series Slings & Arrows (2003) to her breakthrough Hollywood performance in the hit high school comedy Mean Girls (2004). She was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2014, and received Screen Actors Guild and Oscar nominations for her supporting performance in the Oscar-winning Spotlight (2015).

Rose Ouellette

​Rose Ouellette, actress, author, composer (born 25 August 1903 in Montréal, QC; died 14 September 1996 in Montréal, QC).

Shirley Douglas

Shirley Douglas, actor, activist (b at Weyburn, Sask 2 Apr 1934). Shirley Douglas was born to parents Irma née Dempsey and former Baptist minister Tommy Douglas, who is celebrated across Canada as the leader of the first socialist government in North America, and the "father of medicare."

Stories of Remembrance: Mary Walsh

In 2005, to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Canadian celebrities spoke about the meaning of remembrance as part of the Stories of Remembrance Campaign, a project of CanWest News Service (now Postmedia News), the Dominion Institute (now Historica Canada) and Veterans Affairs Canada. This article is reprinted from that campaign.

Rita Lafontaine

Rita Lafontaine, OC, OQ, actor (born 8 June 1939 in Trois-Rivières, QC; died 4 April 2016 in Montréal).

Anne Legault

Anne Legault, actress, playwright, novelist, short-story writer, teacher (b at Lachine, Qué 7 July 1958). Anne Legault began her career acting in children's theatre and television after completing her studies at the Conservatoire d'art dramatique in Montréal in 1981.

Anne-Marie Cadieux

Anne-Marie Cadieux, actor (b at Montréal Sep 23 1963). After earning a BA in theatre from the University of Ottawa, Anne-Marie Cadieux first appeared on stage in 1983 in Les Belles-Sœurs, directed by André Brassard (NAC/NCT).

Tantoo Cardinal

Tantoo Cardinal, actress (born at Fort McMurray, Alta 20 Jul 1950). Tantoo Cardinal has created a number of memorable film roles in Canada and the US and has worked closely with some of the most important actors, directors and writers of recent decades.

Georgina Lightning

Georgina Lightning, actor, director, producer (b at Hobbema, Alta 1964). Georgina Lightning was born into the Samson Cree Nation. Educated in Canada, she moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to pursue an acting career and enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Betty Phillips

Betty (Muriel) Phillips. Mezzo-soprano, actress, b Vancouver 17 May 1923; BA (British Columbia) 1976.

Nell Shipman

Nell (née Helen Barham) Shipman, screenwriter, actor, director, producer, author (born in Victoria, British Columbia on 25 Oct 1892; died in Cabazon, California on 23 Jan 1970). Nell Shipman's first starring role in a major film was in the silent movie God's Country and the Woman (1916), which was an overnight success. Starring roles in 10 other films, mostly for Vitagraph, were followed by a seven-year contract offer from Samuel Goldwyn in 1917.

Ruby Keeler

Ruby Keeler, born Ethel Hilda Keeler, actress, singer, dancer (born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 25 August 1910; died in Rancho Mirage, California on 28 February 1993).

Janine Sutto

Janine Sutto, actor (born 20 April 1921 in Paris, France; dead 28 March 2017 in Montréal, Québec). An autodidact, she came to the stage very early, and brilliantly personified countless roles in all genres of theatre, radio and television.