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Jean-Guy Moreau

Jean-Guy Moreau, CM, impressionist, comedian, writer, singer and musician (born 29 October 1943 in Montréal, QC; died 1 May 2012 in Montréal).

Martin Short

Martin Short, comedian, actor (born at Hamilton, Ont 26 Mar 1950). Martin Short is a celebrated comedic performer.

Juliette Huot

Juliette Huot, actress (born 9 January 1912 in Montreal, QC; died 16 March 2001 in Brossard, QC). Huot was a pioneer in Québec radio, theatre and television.

Seth Rogen

​Seth Aaron Rogen, actor, comedian, writer, producer, director (born 15 April 1982 in Vancouver, BC).

Jay Baruchel

Jonathan Adam Saunders Baruchel, actor, writer, producer (born 9 April 1982 in Ottawa, ON). An idiosyncratic actor with a slacker charm and a geeky disposition, Jay Baruchel has built a successful career playing perennial underdogs, awkward but likeable outsiders and comedic versions of himself.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers, comedian, actor, writer, producer, musician (b at Scarborough, Ont 25 May 1963). A staunchly outspoken and proud Canadian, Mike Myers created original characters on television's Saturday Night Live (SNL) that propelled him to national fame.

Mike Myers (Profile)

Now all we need are rumours that Bill Clinton goes around the White House saying, "Yeah baby! Oh, behave! Shag-a-delic!" Not since ... well, not since Myers hatched Wayne's World in 1992 has a movie latched itself onto the zeitgeist with such a profusion of Velcro-like catch phrases.

Mark Critch

Mark Critch, comedian, actor, writer (born at St. John's, Nfld 1974). Mark Critch's career in sketch comedy began in St. John's when he was 15.

Colin Mochrie

Colin Andrew Mochrie, actor, comedian, writer, director (b at Kilmarnock, Scotland 30 Nov 1957). Colin Mochrie has a dry, languid approach to comedy that few of his contemporaries can match or even imitate.

Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy, actor, director, producer, writer (born at Hamilton, Ont 17 Dec 1946). Eugene Levy has made his name primarily playing supporting comedic roles on television and in film, with performances ranging from straight deadpan to camp hilarity.

Luba Goy

 Born of Ukrainian parents in Germany, en route to Belgium, Goy immigrated to Canada with her family in 1951 and grew up in Ottawa.

Mort Sahl

Morton Sahl, standup comedian, actor (born at Montréal 11 May 1927). Mort Sahl, whose parents were American, was brought up in California. After high school he served in the air force before earning a degree in city management and engineering from the University of Southern California in 1953.

Neil Crone

Crone taught high school drama and English while performing in Theatresports and Big City Improv. He accepted a spot in Toronto's famed Second City Touring Company and before long moved on to the prestigious Second City Mainstage.

Kids in the Hall

The Kids in the Hall began working together as a comedy troupe in 1984. The troupe originated as a club act and progressed to a television series in 1989, airing on CBC in Canada and in a raunchier version on HBO in the US.

Russell Peters

Russell Dominic Peters, comedian, actor (born September 29, 1970 in Toronto, ON).

Anna Russell

Anna (Ann Claudia) Russell (b Russell-Brown).

Anna Russell

Anna Russell, comedienne, contralto, pianist (b at London 27 Dec 1911; d 18 Oct 2006 at Bateman's Bay, Australia). Born Ann Claudia Russell-Brown, her mother was a Canadian, her father a British officer.

Beatrice Lillie

Beatrice (Gladys) Lillie (Lady Peel),. Comedienne, singer, b Toronto 29 May 1894, d Henley-on-Thames, Eng, 20 Jan 1989. (Contrary to the widely published birth year of 1898, she was reported on her death to have been 94.

Janine Sutto

Janine Sutto, actor (born 20 April 1921 in Paris, France; dead 28 March 2017 in Montréal, Québec). An autodidact, she came to the stage very early, and brilliantly personified countless roles in all genres of theatre, radio and television.