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Seth Rogen

​Seth Aaron Rogen, actor, comedian, writer, producer, director (born 15 April 1982 in Vancouver, BC).

Jay Baruchel

Jonathan Adam Saunders Baruchel, actor, writer, producer (born 9 April 1982 in Ottawa, ON). An idiosyncratic actor with a slacker charm and a geeky disposition, Jay Baruchel has built a successful career playing perennial underdogs, awkward but likeable outsiders and comedic versions of himself.

Eric McCormack

Eric James McCormack, actor (b at Toronto 18 Apr 1963). Eric McCormack is an actor who is at home on some of the biggest stages in both Canada and the US, as well as on large and small screens, with a reach encompassing Shakespearean masterpieces, big musicals and popular sitcoms.

Eric McCormack

JUST OFF MULHOLLAND DRIVE, high in the Hollywood Hills, is Runyon Canyon Park, the celebrity dog-walking spot in Los Angeles. One gorgeous day in June, two funny Erics and their respective pooches come face to face.


Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Rodney Reynolds, actor (born 23 October 1976 in Vancouver, BC). Charming, affable and boyishly handsome, Ryan Reynolds is one of the most recognized Canadian actors in Hollywood.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers, comedian, actor, writer, producer, musician (b at Scarborough, Ont 25 May 1963). A staunchly outspoken and proud Canadian, Mike Myers created original characters on television's Saturday Night Live (SNL) that propelled him to national fame.

Mike Myers (Profile)

Now all we need are rumours that Bill Clinton goes around the White House saying, "Yeah baby! Oh, behave! Shag-a-delic!" Not since ... well, not since Myers hatched Wayne's World in 1992 has a movie latched itself onto the zeitgeist with such a profusion of Velcro-like catch phrases.

Megan Follows

Megan Elizabeth Laura Diana Follows, actor (b at Toronto 14 March 1968). Megan Follows began acting as a toddler, sharing the stage with her parents and siblings.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Langford Perry, actor (born at Williamstown, Mass 19 Aug 1969). Matthew Perry is a film and television actor famous for his combination of dry wit and slapstick humour, and in particular for his use of these as Chandler Bing in the hit sitcom Friends.

Matthew Perry (Profile)

Matthew Perry is sitting on top of the world - make that on top of the Hollywood Hills. Well, actually, he is sitting on a couch, in his house near the top of the Hollywood Hills. But it is a nice house, with a spectacular view - smog notwithstanding - of Los Angeles to the south.


Stratford's Star: Colm Feore

Twelve hours after leaving the stage as Cyrano de Bergerac, and three hours before he will return to it as Macbeth, Colm Feore - on his wife's birthday, no less - is still doing his duty by the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.


Ellen Page

Ellen Philpotts-Page, actor, activist, producer (born 21 February 1987 in Halifax, NS).

Rachel McAdams (Profile)

"THE HAMMER terrifies me," says Rachel McAdams, referring to a powerful overhead Frisbee throw and not the tool.


Rachel McAdams

Rachel Anne McAdams, actor (born 17 November 1978 in London,ON). Perhaps best known as a leading lady in such Hollywood romances as The Notebook (2004), The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) and The Vow (2012), Rachel McAdams has developed a reputation for what the New York Times calls “her winsome manner, her serious acting chops and a no-diva approach to her work.” After graduating with a BFA from York University in 2001, McAdams made a meteoric rise to stardom, going from a Gemini Award-winning role in the Canadian TV series Slings & Arrows (2003) to her breakthrough Hollywood performance in the hit high school comedy Mean Girls (2004). She was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2014, and received Screen Actors Guild and Oscar nominations for her supporting performance in the Oscar-winning Spotlight (2015).

David Suzuki (Interview)

David Suzuki was there to explain to Canadians the grand ambitions of the early space program and our Anik satellites.


David Suzuki (Profile)

On the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 9, emergency crews raced to the provincial cabinet offices on the Vancouver waterfront after a receptionist's hands were left tingling from a suspicious powder in a piece of mail.


Mark Critch

Mark Critch, comedian, actor, writer (born at St. John's, Nfld 1974). Mark Critch's career in sketch comedy began in St. John's when he was 15.

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson, actor (b at Vancouver 11 Jun 1978). Joshua Jackson attended Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver and had appeared onscreen as a very young child, deciding at age 11 to make acting his career.

Colin Mochrie

Colin Andrew Mochrie, actor, comedian, writer, director (b at Kilmarnock, Scotland 30 Nov 1957). Colin Mochrie has a dry, languid approach to comedy that few of his contemporaries can match or even imitate.

Michael Healey

Michael Healey's career as a playwright began in 1996 when he premiered a one-act solo performance called Kicked at the Fringe of Toronto Festival.

Zaib Shaikh

His early roles came in the form of a recurring character named Jayesh on the short-lived though surprisingly entertaining nighttime soap opera Metropia, and that of city councillor Shakil Khan on the revamped Da Vinci's City Hall.

Back with a future

The comeback kid shares some surprising thoughts about sex, guns, Justin Bieber, and what Parkinson’s has given him


Hélène Joy

Hélène Joy, aka Helene Joy, actor (born in Perth, Australia).

Alex Trebek

George Alexander Trebek, television host, human rights spokesperson, journalist (born 22 July 1940 in Sudbury, ON). Alex Trebek is a pop culture icon, best known as the long-time host of the TV game show Jeopardy!