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Seven Years War

The Seven Years War (1756–63) was the first global war, fought in Europe, India, and America, and at sea. In North America, imperial rivals Britain and France struggled for supremacy. Early in the war, the French (aided by Canadian militia and Aboriginal allies) defeated several British attacks and captured a number of British forts.

Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) were a series of wars between France and shifting alliances between other European powers.


Battle of Stoney Creek National Historic Site of Canada

Stoney Creek National Historic Site commemorates a British victory over American forces at the Battle of Stoney Creek fought on 6 June 1813 in the settlement of Stoney Creek, now part of the city of Hamilton.

Remembrance Day

The national day to remember those who died in military service is observed across Canada each year on 11 November – the anniversary of the Armistice agreement in 1918 that ended the First World War.

Indigenous Peoples and the World Wars

Thousands of Indigenous peoples served in the Canadian military forces in each conflict, mostly voluntarily. On the home front, most Indigenous communities participated in the national war effort in diverse ways.

Pontiac's War

Pontiac's War was the most successful First Nations resistance to the European invasion in our history.

Canadian Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War (POWs) are members of the military captured in wartime by the enemy. Since the late 19th century, international rules have governed the treatment of POWs, although these are not always followed. Thousands of Canadians have endured time as POWs in conflicts ranging from the First World War to the Korean War.