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Bluenose: "I gave her the power to carry sail."”

As the schooners arrived home from the Grand Banks in 1920, word spread among the fishermen that the America’s Cup race off Sandy Hook, NY, had been postponed because of a mere “"breeze."” The fishermen had contempt for those effete “"yachts,"” which huddled by the docks when the seas ran high.

Canada at the Winter Olympics

The first time that a winter sport was included in the Olympic games was during the 1900 summer Olympics. Figure skating was included in the original program, but the competition never took place.

Banff International String Quartet Competition

Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC). Organized by Kenneth Murphy to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Banff CA. The success of the first competition, held in April 1983, led to the decision to make it an ongoing triennial event.